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Chapter 853 Volume 9 – Chapter 112: Huh, This Could Work Too? (Part 2)

“Narukami?” Zixing was taken aback.

The heroine in the movie seems to be called Kushina Narukami.

Is there any special connection between the two?Thinking of this, Zixing continued to listen to the information that Mo Xiaofei inquired beforehand.

“Speaking of which, this Haru Narukami is not born in Unripe Rice Village. She was adopted by the previous generation witch of the mountain shrine. I heard that she originally planned to inherit the shrine and become the new witch. But then she fell in love with Saburo Nagato. She gave up the shrine’s eligibility for succession.”

Zixing nodded, and asked abruptly, “Brother Mo, have you ever been to the shrine?”

Mo Xiaofei nodded, “I have been there. I heard Takeko said at the beginning that the previous generation of witches died under the curse, but now it seems that the death of this witch may not be related to the Nagato family. As for what Takeko said, she didn’t see the new witch who took over.”

Mo Xiaofei shook his head, “I used the two resets and stayed at the shrine until the time was over. I saw no one. The place seemed desolate for a long time. In short, it gave me a weird feeling.”

“Brother Mo, there are many suspicions in this Unripe Rice Village. You and I are drawn into this world. That is not normal.” Zixing solemnly said, “Moreover, meeting you makes me more certain that not just us being drawn here.”

“You mean… all the people in the cinema are in this Yan Wuyue world?”

Zixing added, “Is this movie just shown in one cinema?”

“This is not a big production blockbuster.” Mo Xiaofei bit his fingers and said, “The average viewers for thriller movies is not a lot. However, if you look at it from a national perspective, I am afraid the movie will be played in multiple schedules. The point is there is more than one show. Think of it, the movie “Pen Immortal” has been released for almost three weeks. No, if the movie itself can pull people into this strange world, then those who watch it, why can they walk out of the movie theater safe and sound?”

“This is what I don’t understand. Maybe it’s because we are thinking in the wrong direction.” Zixing shook her head, and then stopped her footsteps because she had heard some strange sounds.

She looked towards Mo Xiaofei and saw Mo Xiaofei nodded, “That crazy woman is just ahead. Wait a minute, soften your footsteps as much as possible. After trying so many times, I found out that as long as this mad woman does not discover us, resetting will not happen. So, the condition for getting a reset from the mad woman should be: being discovered by her.”

The two quietly walked out from the corner and looked at the mad woman who was locked up not far at the end.

The mad woman was sitting directly on the ground at this time, motionless, as if she had not noticed that she was being observed. Mo Xiaofei retracted his gaze at this time, took a step back, and shook his head resignedly, “That’s it, this woman will stay still like this.”

“What does she eat?”

“I once ran into Master Nagato personally bringing some food over. But he just threw it in, and then left without even looking at it.” Mo Xiaofei whispered, “Usually, there seems to be a servant in this underground palace. The servants can’t hear or see anything. The servant will only perform its task. I don’t know if the servant is trained. But, I’m afraid they don’t come too often. Sometimes she even swallows some reptiles, rats and the like.”

“No matter what, I have to try.” Zixing took a deep breath. “Brother Mo, do you remember the name I mentioned to you?”

Mo Xiaofei was taken aback, then nodded and said, “Remember. Zhen Long. Is this your name? Speaking of which, I don’t seem to know your name yet.”

He pretended to be relaxed, just to ease the atmosphere at this time, because he didn’t know what would happen if one more person was added in

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