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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 869 - Volume 9 – Chapter 120: Innocent Beauty (Part 2)
Chapter 869 Volume 9 – Chapter 120: Innocent Beauty (Part 2)

Eric put his smile away. According to the division of the so-called “gods” above the transcendent creatures in the main Western world, the divine power displayed by Izanagi had far exceeded the punny level, almost reaching the inferior grade divine power.

“You don’t even have a trace of divinity in your body, and you dare to get tainted with the world fragment. You’re overestimating yourself!” Izanagi looked at Eric indifferently. Kusanagi no Tsurugi and Yata no Kagami emitted a strong wave of fluctuations.

It was a sudden blustery!

The world was changing!

“Divinity? This thing is useless at all.” Eric shook his head, “The more divinity you have, the more inextricable you will become. The deeper you sink, the more difficult it will be to get out.”

“Just die!” Izanagi did not plan to argue with Eric at all and made a shot directly.

Eric stepped forward, cut through space, and retreated directly out of the attack range of Kusanagi no Tsurugi. He then smiled slightly, “Mr. Dazhe, this is your opponent. Please help me to slow him down.”

As he said, Eric waved his hand. In the cracked space, a figure wrapped in black flame suddenly rushed out!

“It hurts!”

It was Dazhe with a face distorted by pain!

Zhan Lu Sword radiated a terrifying sword light at this time. It was a world of difference compared to its performance in the Isle of Demon!

Dazhe, who was in extreme pain, was as if he was holding a breath. The pain was similar to being pierced with hundreds of steel needles on the most sensitive part of his body at the same time. As he entered the space crack, he stopped holding it in!

There is a guy in front of me holding the sword, and there is a mirror floating next to him. No matter who it is, I need to defeat him, right?

“It’s futile even to have a helper!”

Izanagi was not afraid at all. Dazhe slashed at him directly, forcing him to block it with Kusanagi no Tsurugi. But, at the moment of contact, his expression changed instantly!

The black flame burning on this guy made him weak! The opponent’s hack was astonishingly powerful!


Izanagi’s body could not resist this terrifying slash. He slammed directly into the Pillar of Heaven below!

It struck tens of meters long cracks on the Pillar of Heaven!

“Mr. Dazhe, please slow Izanagi down!”

“Got it! This is so fucking painful. Don’t bother me!”

Eric did not mind Dazhe’s crude words at the moment. Recognizing the importance of the opportunity, he left these words and rushed directly into Yahiro-dono. His target was Izanami all along!

At the same time, Izanagi, who was knocked into the Pillar of Heaven, quickly broke free. The collision caused pain, but it did not hurt him. He just felt slightly humiliated.

He flew out in a sorry state. When he was about to exert the next attack, the guy with incomparable strength struck him with the sword again!


He’s a madman!

Izanagi cursed inwardly, but he had to parry in panic! The black flame on this guy was troublesome. The opponent had a terrifying sword. The Kusanagi no Tsurugi could block it, but it wailed terribly!

Eric broke into Yahiro-dono again. The one sitting behind the curtain was naturally Izanami.

“How’s it? If you can lend me this Yan Wuyue, I will give you a better one in the future.” Eric repeated his terms.

“No wonder you have no fear.” Izanami finally said.

The curtain was pulled open from both sides at once.

A green jade was embedded on the forehead of Izanami, who was sitting upright, emitting a gleam of emerald green. Izanami slowly opened her eyes, shook her head, and said, “Unfortunately, even if you have a helper, I can’t give out Yan Wuyue.”

“In that case…” Eric sighed, “I can only be a robber for once.”

Izanami also sighed faintly and said softly, “You asked before, how would you feel if there is

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