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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 610 - Volume 9 – Chapter 14: The Moth Who Do Not Fly to the Fire (Part 1)
Volume 9 – Chapter 14: The Moth Who Do Not Fly to the Fire (Part 1)

She forgot how many times she was disappointed… There were several moments of such sudden whim and accelerating heartbeat in her memory, even though it all ended in disappointments.

After the ‘suicide,’ the character automatically returned to the resurrection point in the city. As for the loss caused by such death, it was meaningless to her.

She chose to go offline.

After staring at the screen blankly for a while, she laid directly on the table… After a while, she was still lying down but reached out and opened the drawer.

Both arms and palms were trembling slowly. There were items inside that could allow her to withdraw from this loss and pain in a short time.

That was a delicate little knife.

She held the little knife on her right hand, then pulled away the rest on her left arm little by little, and pressed the cold knife blade against the skin of her arm. This was an almost flawless skin if only those long and thin scars could be erased.

It was always like this… One night, she found that this splitting pain could ease her slightly since that person left.

Her gaze gradually lost focus, the sharp blade began to pull a small slit diagonally across the pale skin, and the blood started to spread to both sides along the edge of the blade.

However, she couldn’t continue; this action’s pleasure disappeared suddenly because of the sudden knock on the door from outside the room. She heard the voice of another man, a man she hated but couldn’t leave.

“Xiao Rou, the servant said that you didn’t eat again, right? Xiao Rou! Did you hear me? Answer me!”

She looked at the door of the room silently and walked to the door subconsciously.

“Xiao Rou? Talk to me!”

“Do you not want to see me? Don’t you know that the door is not locked?” She… Xiao Rou covered the wound on her arm, then quickly pulled down her sleeve.

“I’ll let the servant heat something up for you to eat, remember to eat,” said the man quietly after being silent for a while.

But when the man was about to turn around and leave, the room’s door was suddenly opened. However, Xiao Rou growled at him from behind, “Lan Kai! Are you so unwilling to see me?”

Her voice resounded almost across the entire floor. The servant who was cleaning downstairs heard it, ran away quickly, and quickly opened the living room’s glass door and walked to the garden outside.

Lan Kai stopped there, then slowly turned around. His pupils contracted slightly.

Xiao Rou sneered. At this time, she pulled her hair away little by little. A scar was pulled down from the corner of her eye until her chin on her left face. It looked like a fierce centipede, crawling on this exquisite face, “You dare to look at it again?”

Lan Kai took a deep breath and sighed again. He turned his gaze to the side and said indifferently, “If you want, these injuries can be removed at any time. The current plas

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