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Volume 9 – Chapter 38: Taste

By the village road’s side, Grandma Xiaochun’s house’s door was open with the light shining through.

After sunset, there was still a hint of light in the sky. An old man carrying a basket walked over slowly. He was one of the residents who stayed in the row of old houses.

Out of curiosity, the old man looked to the open door. He saw the house fully occupied with people; Grandma Xiaochun had a rosy complexion. He was temporarily stunned.

Most old people had a hunch on their lifespan. The closer they were towards the end, they became more alert.

“Old Niu, have you come back from fishing?” Grandma Xiaochun walked to the door and smiled at the old man carrying the basket.

“Ah,Sister Chun, why are you…” Old Niu seemed to realize something.

Grandma Xiaochun smiled and said, “Come in and join us for dinner. That way, you don’t have to go back and cook for yourself since you live alone. Come, come.”

Looking at Grandma Xiaochun, Old Niu nodded silently, stepped over the doorstep, and saw all kinds of people in the living room.

Was she sad? Old Niu himself was also very sad. As he got older, the people he had known, laughed, quarreled, went to the field, and made rice cakes together would eventually leave the world.

Maybe the next one would be him.

So, Old Niu looked at the children and grandchildren of Grandma Xiaochun, who were gloomy even when they tried to force a smile, “Then I, as an old man, would have some simple home-cooked meal. Come, Luo Shan, Luo Ming. Please get me a bowl of rice.”

“Uncle Niu, have a seat.” Luo Shan quickly let out of a seat and beckoned the old man to sit down.

Grandma Xiaochun had taken out a bottle of wine from the cabinet in the living room, smiled, and said, “Old Niu, drink more. I’m still waiting for you to sing a song!”

After several glasses down his belly, Old Niu took a peanut and chewed it in his mouth, squinting his eyes and wondering. After a while, Old Niu sang a Qinhuai folk song that was passed down from generations.

The children did not understand the song. They clamored to watch TV since they were not interested. The older children did not dare to voice out their discomfort. However, they also felt depressed.

Luo Shan’s eyes turned red as he listened because his wife’s eyes turned watery before him.

Luo Shan’s eldest brother, Grandma Xiaochun’s eldest son, held a small wine glass. A liquor bottle was being carried in this way as he remembered how a theatrical troupe came to the village when he was very young.

Most of the time, he was immersed in the memories of the early years.

Only Grandma Xiaochun was holding her youngest granddaughter, who was only two-years-old. She gently patted the child’s back. From time to time, she put her face near her granddaughter’s red cheek.

After all, this was the youngest child. She fell asleep a while ago.

Grandma Xiaochun squinted and laughed as if she was trying to say that this kid was well-behaved.

“I’ll answer the phone.”

Luo San suddenly picked up the phone and spoke gently next to her mother. She stood up while pointing at the phone in her hand and walked away.

Only when she had just left the house, she could not help but covered her mouth, ran out of the field outside the house, and squatted there alone.

But, she realized that she could not remain in this state. So, she quickly wiped her eyes absent-mindedly, stood up, then saw that someone was sitting on the small fence near the field for quite some time ago.


Luo San only then reacted. It seemed that not long after the meal started, Luo Qiu had unknowingly disappeared from everyone’s sight… At the same time, no one seemed to have noticed this.

“What are you doing here?” Luo San approached him, speaking with a strong nasal sound.

Luo Qiu glanced at Luo San, took out a pack of tissues from his clothes, and gave it to her. Luo San felt awkward for a w

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