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Volume 9 – Chapter 74: The Final Gamble

If it was a few days ago, someone told Liu Zixing that he would become nothing and everyone would betray him, then he would not believe anything. However, the reality had manifested in this way.

The Liu Family’s property no longer belonged to him. There was no place for him, even in the company. His mother, Liu Shi, was even so unrelenting that the company’s security guards drove him away.

But even so, Liu Zixing, who was in a desperate situation, was not in despair. At least, he would get a considerable sum of money from Professor Trevor.

He initially thought that at least the wealth he still possessed would not make his life worse. He thought that maybe after a while, his mother would still care about his son.

She just felt so disappointed in him, wanting to teach him a deep lesson. It must be so. When his suffering was almost over, his mother would forgive him – just like the past. No matter how many wrong things he did, he would always be forgiven.

Why would she not forgive me? My mother has only one son.

This must be the case.

“Sorry, sir, the money for this check can’t be cashed.”

However, in the bank’s VIP room, the bank manager told Liu Zixing a cruel reality that directly broke all his fantasies, “Mr. Liu, the account on this check has been frozen. We can’t transfer any sum of money. I’m sorry.”

The fact that he was kicked out of the company and even Liu’s Mansion had not been wholly spread outside. At least in this bank manager’s eyes, this gentleman was still a VIP customer of the bank.

“Freeze? How can it be frozen? This is impossible! When I received the check, I verified that the account is fine!” asked Liu Zixing in panic, like a drowning man who lost a lifesaver.

The bank manager frowned and said, “This… Well, this account seems to have been frozen by a foreign court. I think the owner of this account may have committed a crime. I’m sorry, Mr. Liu. I don’t know about the details. After all, this is a foreign account. How about you ask the account’s owner?”

Liu Zixing left the bank in despair, frantically dialing Professor Trevor’s number along the way. But, this number no longer existed.

There would be no way to find this old foreigner… He could not return to his family’s Mansion too.

What to do? What to do…? What should I do?

In front of the bank’s door, he suddenly felt that all the sights in front of him had become pitch black as if he was in a twisted mirror world.

What to do…? What to do…? What should I do?

Suddenly, Liu Zixing felt something touching his body. With this collision, his arm was directly grabbed.

“You. What do you want!?”

“Young Master Liu, come with us!”

“Let me go!”

He struggled and even tried to yell, but the opponent quickly covered his nose with a handkerchief that exuded a strange smell. Soon, Liu Zixing lost consciousness.

When Liu Zixing woke up… To be more precise, he was awakened by being splashed with cold water. He was in a cage less than one meter high at most eighty centimeters. Many cages surrounded him!

A pair of ferocious eyes were staring at him at the same time. They were vicious dogs with sharp teeth. He was being locked in a dog cage! This place was a dog breeding ground!

“Young Master Liu, do you like this place?” In front of the cage, a bald man squatted down and wrecked the pillar of the dog cage with his palm, making a banging sound, “This is something specially prepared for you. .”

“Brother Black Panther, let’s talk first, don’t be rashed.” Liu Zixing begged.

He knew who this person was. One of the thugs of the underground casino owner whom he owed money. These days, due to family affairs, Liu Zixing completely forgot that he still owed a huge sum of money to this casino.

“Young Master Liu, the date you gave us last time has long passed. The money you promised to return to us, shouldn’t you return to us?”


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