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Chapter 886 Volume 9 – Chapter 129: Disaster (2)

Nagato Munechika’s slash was much more powerful than the Kondo family’s samurai. His speed was at a completely different level too.

Windchaser was planning to block the slash with the katana he had. After recalling his lack of knowledge in this weapon, he realized that it would become a hindrance. Thus, he abandoned his weapon.

After awakening Greedy Wolf Star, a stronger fighting instinct than before drove him to calmness even when facing Nagato Munechika’s katana technique.

“Wield your katana, half demon beast.” Nagato Munechika quickly rushed within half a meter of Windchaser. The katana in his hand turned glimmered with cold light. It came as fast as lightning and landed a slash on Windchaser’s fiery red robe.

If I can use the katana, I will use it. But, what I can do if I don’t know how. I’m in a desperate situation.

Windchaser retreated, avoiding Nagato Munechika’s katana slash. At the same time, he was looking for a way to deal with this more and more intense demon beast qi.

Greedy Wolf Star’s summon was successful, but it only brought some changes to him. At the same time, there were several forbidden abilities injected into Inuyasha’s body. It was still a mystery whether those special abilities would bring adverse effects to the body.

But no matter what, Windchaser had to give it a try. Otherwise, it would be troublesome against this katana person.

Taking a deep breath, Windchaser suddenly stopped and dropped his arms naturally. Nagato Munechika didn’t seem to care. As long as there was an opening, he would deliver a slash over.

Windchaser opened his eyes sharply. When the katana was about to split him into two from the waist, an afterimage was manifested. Nagato Munechika only managed to slash the afterimage Windchaser left!

Star Power, Godspeed!

Greedy Wolf Star awakening brought supernatural powers. There was no need for the costly demon beast power support. As long as the sky full of stars still exists, it would bring out Greedy Wolf Star the magical ability like a permanent buff.

That’s so fast!

Nagato Munechika felt a sense of danger. His eyes quickly caught the opponent’s figure! His naked eye could not catch up with the half demon beast’s afterimage in the ritual plaza!

The sense of danger became stronger and stronger. When it was so strong that Nagato Munechika’s heart seemed to jump out, Nagato Munechika instinctively moved his body! But even so, a strong force still hit his waist!

Nagato Munechika’s body flew upside down and directly hit the altar made of wood!


Looking at the collapsed altar, Windchaser looked at his fist in surprise. It was true that he did not go all out in this punch, but it seemed to create this kind of destructive power because of the speed bonus. He came into a realization in his heart. After activating Greedy Wolf Star, his combat instinct was undergoing rapid growth!

“Master is defeated! Our master is defeated!”

Inside the shed, a Nagato family’s servant screamed at this time. They all ran to the plaza in horror. The half demon beast struck the witch and knocked down the powerful samurai of the Kondo family. Even Master Nagato, the descendant of the fox demon beast slaying samurai, was defeated. Everything was too scary!

“Miss Tsukihime! Please let Ashigaru take you away immediately!” The remaining samurai of the Kondo family gritted his teeth at this time. “I’ll stop the half demon beast, Inuyasha!”

The Kondo family’s samurai was indeed loyal.

It was just that Zixing couldn’t help but let out a bitter smile in her heart. The half demon beast Inuyasha has a terrifying speed. Where can I escape to?

Zixing’s thoughts were raging at this time, and she felt restless. She kept staring at ‘Inuyasha’ that stopped after defeating Nagato Munechika. She felt strange suffocation.

She shook her head and meditated on Heart Sutra quickly

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