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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 611 - Volume 9 – Chapter 14: The Moth Who Do Not Fly to the Fire (Part 2)
Volume 9 – Chapter 14: The Moth Who Do Not Fly to the Fire (Part 2)

Qian Xiu subconsciously looked at the surrounding environment… It turned out that he had already walked to the edge of the lake without knowing it. He was only planning to find a place where no one was around to stay.

This quiet environment felt good.

Maybe because this account was only at level four, the player was just like a little monster to Qian Xiu. Even if it attacked Qian Xiu dozens of times, it could not break Qian Xiu’s defensive equipment. Qian Xiu suddenly asked, “Why are you digging for earthworms?”

LQ said, “For fishing, fishing naturally requires bait, right?”

Qian Xiu was taken aback. Such an answer was normal, but he suddenly felt that he asked a very redundant question, “Are you planning to practice the lifestyle class?”

LQ stood up and said, “I don’t have this plan for the time being. It’s just for a mission. I heard that this golden earthworm is needed. I don’t play for a long time each time, so I didn’t even finish a mission. Moreover, I don’t know how long I can play this game.”

Qian Xiu frowned, “Are you going to catch the Golden Carp King?”

“Yes, is there a problem?”

Qian Xiu said with resignation, “You’re a lucky guy. Many people who want to do this mission couldn’t find it. On the contrary, you, a person who doesn’t play very much, got this task. In the official announcement of this Golden Carp King mission, they said that only one would randomly appear among all servers, and the rewards will also be uniquely limited. In the future, the prize pool might not appear again… Aren’t you lucky?”

LQ said, “It turns out to be like this, no wonder it’s so hard to do. It seems that I got it, it’s a waste.”

Qian Xiu shook his head and said, “It’s more than a waste; it’s a reckless waste of resources.”

Server: Player LQ proposed you form a temporary team and share the mission “Golden Carp King.” Do you accept it?

Qian Xiu was surprised, “What are you doing?”

LQ said, “I already said that I might not play for long. Since I got such a mission, it will naturally be wasted. You said that many players want it, it includes you too, right? I’m here purely to enjoy the fun of doing missions and pass the time. Rewards and others are useless to me… What about this? You help me catch the earthworms, we complete it together, and the rewards will go to you?”

Qian Xiu had an instinctive conflict towards this kindness… He didn’t believe that there were such good things.

He shook his head and said, “No need, the mission is yours, and the reward is naturally yours too. I won’t take it.”

LQ didn’t force it, but just nodded and canceled the temporary invitation… Qian Xiu felt a weird feeling very quickly.

Qian Xiu felt a big distance between himself and this guy… even further than the distance between the screen and this world.

LQ walked towards Qian Xiu at this time.

Except for Xiao Bao, Qian Xiu would subconsciously reject other people’s approaches. He took two steps back quickly, always keeping a certain distance from others.

But the fishing mage didn’t say anything, just squatted down where Qian Xiu was standing before and continued to dig the dirt on the ground with a shovel, looking very happy.

“En, there is one here.”

An earthworm with a faint golden light came out of the excavated soil. Then, it was sent into the basket. After LQ shook the basket with both hands, he walked directly towards the small wooden boardwalk extending out by the lake.

Taking out the fishing rod, he reached and grabbed the golden earthworm in the basket, pin it on the fishing hook, threw it out, and sat quietly at the end of the bridge.

Qian Xiu discovered that something was wrong at this time…

Many of this mage’s movements looked very natural as if there were no unnecessary restrictions.

Even though he didn’t have many expressions, he had some subtle body movements, just lik

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