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Volume 9 – Chapter 39: An Elderly Person On Earth

When it was late at night, it was unclear whether the wind blowing in was the wind of late autumn or the night wind of early winter. Grandma Xiaochun said that she was sleepy and wanted to go back to the room to rest.

Sounds of light sobbing could be heard in the house.

Grandma Xiaochun called several sons and daughters in front of her and began to give instructions on certain matters. All instructions were about the distribution of inheritance.

It was just that after each had a bottle of osmanthus flower syrup in their hands, these children felt that these things did not matter at this moment.

At least, at this moment.

No one knew whether there would be disputes and troubles in the future.

In a very quiet environment, Grandma Xiaochun finally closed her eyes slowly. Luo San resisted the grief in her heart. She stood by Grandma Xiaochun’s side, listening to her heartbeat and pinching her pulse.

Luo San told everyone that she only had a little breath. She was dying. Luo San said this was the time of death. So, no one dared to go away.

There were also people waiting elsewhere.

In the small yard outside the house, under the osmanthus flower trees… Luo Qiu stayed in this place.

A little bit of fluorescent light was floating in the yard, reflecting the soil, leaves, and the golden and white osmanthus flowers.

“Child, when you go back, cut a short section from here and take it back. After you plant it down, this branch can grow.”

“Is this the one?” Luo Qiu nodded. “Okay.”

He looked at Grandma Xiaochun, who had a hazy silhouette, and seemed to be standing still. This was her soul. Nowadays, the soul generally dissipates gradually under no special circumstances, unless there were some indispensable thoughts.

“Do you have to bring this thing?” Grandma Xiaochun moved towards Luo Qiu, looking at the mask on his face curiously.

Luo Qiu said softly, “I think this will be more appropriate.”

Grandma Xiaochun shook her head, stretched out her hand, and took it off for Luo Qiu, “It is not necessary. You are you. At least, I can feel it. You are still you. Therefore, I will rather have a person who would call me Grandma send me away, not this cold mask.”

“Then, I won’t wear it this time.” Luo Qiu nodded.

Grandma Xiaochun held Luo Qiu’s arm and walked in the yard, “I still don’t know what happened to you. Even if you can tell me, I won’t understand. But, do you always wear it while working?”

“Well, it depends on the circumstances. For example, when it comes to avoiding something.” Boss Luo nodded.

Grandma Xiaochun stopped, looked up, smiled, and said nothing.

Luo Qiu sighed and said, ” I just hope that I can distinguish it.”

“But, it can’t be done, right?”

Luo Qiu said frankly, “Indeed. Up until now, it has actually been some time… I don’t know whether I am being my true self when I wear it or when I take it off.

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