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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 707 - Volume 9 – Chapter 85: Christmas Eve (Part 2)
Chapter 707 Volume 9 – Chapter 85: Christmas Eve (Part 2)

“But, you still try to be careful, and try not to stir up a conflict if you can.” Fengshan instructed, “Let’s keep a low profile. We don’t want others to grab our shortcomings.”

“Hehe, the Grandpa is still well-off. Who dares to make a move?” The subordinates didn’t care.

Fengshan didn’t say anything. He just felt that this subordinate was able to do his task well, albeit lacking foresight. After all, this subordinate wasn’t someone for the important matters.

He waved his hand, “Go.”

——Thank you, Winter Snow

——Thank you, my favorite snow

——Although you are my poem

——You will still melt one day

——I have to wait for next year

——To meet you in the cold winter

In a corner of the plaza, a man, in a peaked cap, sunglasses, and a common outfit, was singing softly while playing his guitar.

Not many people stopped here, but there were still a few spectators.

On the box where the man used to carry his guitar, there were some cash and coins. He certainly didn’t need to care about whether he had earnt any more now.

As long as someone was willing to stop here and listen, he seemed to be satisfied.

On the huge screen by the wall in front of the plaza, an advertisement was playing at this time.

In the advertisement, a pure and innocent girl was using lipstick, gently speaking out her inner thoughts.

“When you see cherries, do you remember my kiss? Because my kiss is cherry flavored.”

“——Cherry-flavored lipstick, a taste that will leave deep memories for your favorite person. We’re launching a Christmas Promotion…”

The man finished singing, lit a cigarette and smoked slowly. He watched the lovers come and go in the plaza, appreciating the Christmas decorations arranged around the plaza and the “Jingle Bells” playing in the plaza. He smiled, “Is it Christmas Eve tomorrow?”

“Excuse me, are you going to stop?”

When he was distracted, he suddenly heard someone asking him a question. He looked up and found that it was a fairly young man, and he brought a beautiful female companion.

Both of them were carrying bags in their hands, which seemed to have some Christmas decoration. Probably, they were a couple who left the house to prepare for the upcoming Christmas.

At this time, the young man put a hundred yuan cash directly on the guitar case.

“Can you sing for us?” The man smiled, “What do you want to listen to?”

“En, just sing what you want to sing now,” replied the young man softly.

The man was taken aback, then nodded. He picked up the guitar, and played it casually. He was thinking of what to sing, but suddenly remembered that his friend seemed to have mentioned it. At that time, he was earning some cash in the plaza. While he was making money, he also met a pair of men and women. He would be rewarded with a hundred yuan each time he sang.

Are they…? Should I tell Hong Guan?

It appeared whe

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