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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 707 - Volume 9 – Chapter 85: Christmas Eve (Part 2)
my kiss? Because my kiss is cherry flavored.

Vaguely, Zhu Maolin seemed to be able to hear the lines in the advertisement. Of course, he was the person coming out of the advertisement words, so he couldn’t distinguish clearly whether he heard it with his ears or in his heart.

Christmas… Christmas Eve.

The red light passed unknowingly. Zhu Maolin put down the handbrake, drove the car away. It didn’t take long before he arrived on a street in the old district.

This was Little Lu’s house. He came here recently, so he still had memories of it.

He got out of the car, put down the anti-theft lock, walked a few steps forward, and saw Little Lu sitting by the stairs of the old house.

Zhu Maolin recognized Little Lu’s clothes.

She buried her head on her knees, Zhu Maolin frowned and stepped forward, “Are you okay?”

Little Lu looked up subconsciously; her eyes were red and swollen. There was even a glaring slap on the left cheek, and tear stains.

Little Lu opened her mouth as if she was surprised that the person in front of her was Zhu Maolin.

She didn’t say anything. She stood up quickly, lowered her head, but didn’t go upstairs. She just walked away from Zhu Maolin’s side like that, seemingly unwilling to have more interaction with Zhu Maolin.

“Wait, where are you going?” asked Zhu Maolin calmly.

Little Lu stopped, but immediately made her steps.

“Didn’t you say that today is your birthday?” Zhu Maolin’s volume increased a little, “I bought you a small cake. Do you want to have it?”

Little Lu turned around. She seemed a little exhausted, the glaring slap was scroaching. She pursed her lips, and nodded sadly.

“Manager, can it be your turn this time?” She looked at Zhu Maolin and said hopefully, “to stay with me? Just a moment before twelve o’clock.”

“I saw a small park in front of me when I came. Do you want to go there?” Zhu Maolin asked.



“Didn’t you say that you bought a cake?” Little Lu stared at Zhu Maolin’s hands, like an aggrieved little girl, “Where is it?”

Zhu Maolin snorted, “In the car, let’s go.”

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