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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 644 - Volume 9 – Chapter 40: Underworld’s Muddy Situation (Part 1)
Volume 9 – Chapter 40: Underworld’s Muddy Situation (Part 1)

There were still many things to follow-up, and need to be completed by immediate family members… There was nothing for Luo Qiu in this part.

He returned to his house.

He opened the door and walked into the living room. He then turned on the lights in the living room. At this moment, the person who was sitting on a wooden bench in the living room was suddenly apparent.

That was Dazhe…While Luo Qiu was switching on the light, Dazhe was also looking at him. He watched the young man calmly close the door after he switched on the light.

“How long have you been here?”

“You are so daring…” Dazhe shook his head. “It was the same like last time as if you are never afraid of anything. It stands to reason that anyone who switches on the light and suddenly sees a stranger at home will be scared, at least.”

“We just got to know each other,” said Luo Qiu calmly. “Then, you are not considered a stranger… So?”

Dazhe knew what the other party was asking — He only left a note saying that he would not come again. Now that he came again, naturally, he could not justify that… But, he had to go on.

So, he looked at Luo Qiu and hesitated, “I saw you all eating, and later I heard the sound of crying. Has the old lady…?”

“Very peaceful.” Luo Qiu nodded.

“Just as I thought…” Dazhe lowered his head. It was not apparent what he was thinking – He had long prepared for this mentally. After all, before the nominal owner of the house, Luo Qiu, returned, he would always quietly come back every time his ex-wife returned with the child. So, naturally, he would know better.

“What is this?” Dazhe asked subconsciously, staring at the cup Luo Qiu brought him.

“Tea made with osmanthus flower syrup. There are leftovers.” Luo Qiu smiled and said. “Have you eaten? There should be some Tangyuan left. Grandma Xiaochun made them. You probably have not eaten, have you?”

Dazhe nodded silently. Luo Qiu walked into the kitchen. After a while, he walked out with a small bowl. Dazhe ate the Tangyuan one by another without saying a word.

What was the taste like?

Dazhe thought to himself. If he could eat with his ex-wife’s family, at least it would not feel more uncomfortable than what he felt at that moment… At least, it would be another taste of life.

“Are you back to see the old lady?” Luo Qiu asked, suddenly looking at the lamp on the ceiling.

“Just assume it is.” Dazhe did not want to say more about his affairs – He did not even intend to come in here. However, his own identity was inappropriate to appear in front of everyone.

He wanted to clarify some matters, purely out of respect for this grandmother who visited him when he was in jail. Dazhe’s only choice was this young man who did not seem to reject him.

At this moment, Luo Qiu suddenly moved a stool and then stacked a smaller one on it. He then climbed up and reached the ceiling lamp, as if he want

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