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Volume 9 – Chapter 50: The Longing Hairpin (Part2)

“These properties are all my own. I can do whatever I like without worrying about them.” Cui Fo said in a deep voice.

“Well then… the property under your name, deposits, and all the insurances, etc., I have already done all the loans for you… According to your instruction, I just look for private loans. Regardless of the amount of interest, as long as the maximum amount is about 5.7 million Australian Dollar.”

“Got it.” After Professor Cui Fo and Tom briefly said a few words, they immediately hung up the long-distance call.

Soon after, there was another call with a different name. This was another bank manager that Trevor knew.

“Hello, Professor Cui Fo, we have already approved the mortgage of the property rights you made…”

Then it was the call from the publisher, “Professor, are you sure you want us to sell out all your copyrights permanently?”

Phone call after another phone call… In the shortest amount of time, this professor with status had turned into an economic fraudster.

Finally, Trevor made a call and slowly said, “Mr. Liu, I think we can talk about the black diamond you have on hand.”

“Yes, when?”

“How about after three days?”

“Three days? I have a lot of buyers on hand, I’m afraid I can’t wait for you?”

“Mr. Liu, I believe that my price will satisfy you. No other people will offer a higher price than me.”

“Two days, only two days!”


In the club.

“…On the second floor above, you can enter at will, except for the rooms of the master and me. There is also a room on the second floor that is working at this time. Try your best not to disturb them.” The maid was explaining things to Dazhe. “In addition, the B1 floor is the warehouse and the master’s study room. If there is no permission from the master, you cannot enter.”

Dazhe nodded and silently remembered the rules here. In fact, there were not many rules, except he couldn’t betray the boss, the rules seemed to be very loose. The Black Soul Messenger had a lot of freedom.

“What about the B2 floor?” Dazhe asked curiously.

You Ye said sternly, “Only the master can enter the B2 floor. Any messenger, including me, is in danger as long as we approache. Remember that.”

“Clear.” Dazhe nodded and suddenly asked, “Then do I have to greet the other Black Soul Messengers?”

When he said this, the maid had taken Dazhe for one round and came to the kitchen.

At this time, Maid was placing foods that Dazhe could not even name on the delicate birdcage dishes, none of them looked like works of art.

“Number 9 is performing the master’s mission, I am afraid he won’t come back in a short time. As for Number 18, because of the degree of freedom, you may be able to see him tomorrow or maybe a long time later.” You Ye said calmly, “As for Tai Yinzi upstairs, he is enjoying himself up. Maybe you can try to greet him. In addition, the Black Soul Messengers suc

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