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Chapter 708 Volume 9 – Chapter 86: Nearly Flawless (Part 1)

“Is it that three women?”

In the casino’s lobby, Liu Zixing was still sitting at the same table. However, since the bet between him and Ah Jie was over, this table was still closed.

Although the new banker had taken over the previous one, he was standing here nervously. He even wiped the cards prepared for the gamblers with a rag…

If this peculiar guy doesn’t go away, who dares to gamble?

At this time, listening to Liu Zixing’s abrupt words, Hou Chen Yuhan was startled. She then quickly glanced at the rich wives. They were not leaving but standing near another table, taking glimpses of her occasionally.

It appeared they were reluctant to come over. They probably couldn’t guess the relationship between Liu Zixing, who won a lot of money, and Hou Chen Yuhan.

“Yes.” Hou Chen Yuhan nodded quickly.

Anyway, there was no one else at the baccarat table. She was not afraid that others would hear her talking, “They dragged me to this place. Initially, I thought it is just a place for leisure, so…”

“You are married,” said Liu Zixing coldly.

Hou Chen Yuhan was startled. She wanted to ask him how he found out, but the man nodded when he looked at her finger with the ring. She quickly added, “I am not that kind of person. I don’t come here to have fun with other men.”

Liu Zixing shook his head, “Your business has nothing to do with me. After I get the money, you have to follow me for your escape. Then, we go our separate ways. Since you say you don’t want the money, then I won’t give it.”

Hou Chen Yuhan nodded.

The waiting time was always long. Hou Chen Yuhan didn’t know what to say to this man, feeling extremely awkward. She felt disturbed in this environment too, and yet she didn’t dare to walk away.

She took out the phone and took a look, only to realize her phone had already run out of power and it turned off automatically. She had her charger, but she didn’t know where to recharge her phone at the moment.

“You are lucky.” Hou Chen Yuhan was still timid. She was afraid that those rich wives realized that she had nothing to do with this man. Hence, he approached Liu Zixing again.

She was even more afraid that once these wealthy wives and students stepped forward and stirred up trouble, the man would ignore her for fear of trouble and not take her out of this place. Hence, she got to find some topics.

Even if the chat went on awkwardly, at least they won’t seem to be strangers.

“Luck?” After listening, Liu Zixing shook his head and sneered, “If I say, I have used all my luck in the future for today, would you believe it? I might even die on the street because of bad luck tomorrow.”

Hou Chen Yuhan shook her head. This man gave her a very strange feeling. She wasn’t touched, but she felt this man was a poor homeless soul.

A person who had become rich overnight and had money that others couldn’t make for a lifetime – he seemed so pitiful.

“I don’t believe it myself.” Liu Zixing laughed at himself, “But, that’s the truth.”

“Don’t be so pessimistic.” Hou Chen Yuhan shook her head, “You are well and fine. Why will you die?”

“Is it weird to die in an accident?”

Liu Zixing said calmly, “The population of this world is large. Anything impossible has its probability magnified in these horrifying statistics. I saw one piece of news a few years ago that you may not even believe. There are a father and son who just came home from dinner at their grandparents’ house. On the way, the father got off the car and went to the nearby convenience store to buy something to coax the child. The child stayed in the car because of inconvenience. Unexpectedly, only a few minutes later, when the father saw the green light to cross the road, he was hit by a drunk driver. As a result, the father was sent to the hospital, but no one knew there was a child in the car. The child died of suffocation. You might say th

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