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Chapter 724 Volume 9 – Chapter 97: Three Deities & Unripe Rice Village

Izanagi and Izanami were World Yan Wuyue’s Father Deity and Mother Deity.

The two deities were born at the dawn of civilization. They gave birth to the fourteen islands and the thirty-three ancient deities, and finally, the three deities, namely: Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susanoo.

The three deities were in charge of this world; they would suppress the thirty-three ancient deities and the fourteen islands. Father Deity and Mother Deity lived on the first land – Onogoro-jima Island. They dwelled in the Yahiro-dono built around the Pillar of Heaven [1].

In Yahiro-dono, Izanagi and Izanami sit side by side, separated by a curtain, while looking at the kneeling Amaterasu Omikami.

Amaterasu, also known as the Muse Sun, ruled Takamagahara. He wielded the artifact Yasakani no Magatama. At this moment, her brows furrowed, “Father Deity, Amaterasu is feeling uneasy recently. I sense something inauspicious born somewhere in Izumo Province.”

Izanagi said silently at this time. His voice was neither sad nor happy, “A disaster is about to happen.”

Amaterasu’s face changed slightly, and she asked immediately, “What’s the cause?”

Izanagi said calmly, “The evil demon invaded and wanted to steal the Yan Wuyue World. Now this evil demon has successfully stolen nearly one-third of this world.”

Amaterasu Omikami’s face changed expression immediately after hearing it. Three Deities were in charge of this world. She was in charge of Takamagahara, Tsukuyomi governs the Nightland, Susanoo is the ocean lord. The Father Deity and Mother Deity appointed them.

They were born as the Three Deities, possessing unparalleled power. They inherited the world rules derived from the Father Deity and Mother Deity. If they lost the world rules power, they were not far from the thirty-three ancient deities. With that, they would no longer sit in the position of the Three Deities.

The deities could even recruit humans with extraordinary talents, a strong physique, and bravery.

Thinking of the consequences of the world rules being stolen, Amaterasu raised his head, frightened and angry, “It happens! Who is this demon? Amaterasu will lead the Takamagahara’s deities and crusade against this disaster!”

Izanagi said calmly, “Don’t be overboard. The evil demon has reached the limit in stealing the world rules. The demon is unmatched to I and Izanami. As long as I and Izanami garrison in Yahiro-dono, the evil will have no further possibility to advance.”

“But even so, how could we allow this demon to stain the World Yan Wuyue!?”

One shall not have their territory breached like one shall not have someone else in your bed!

Finally, Izanami slowly said, “Indeed, the Yan Wuyue World is about to face catastrophe. I and all sentient beings will act as one. We will help each other to survive the disaster. Therefore, forgo the dispute between you and the Three Deities

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