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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 740 - Volume 9 – Chapter 106: Witch (Part 1)
Luo Qiu shook his head, “If I ask for blessings, the “gods” may not be able to give it to me.”

The witch was surprised and opened her mouth slightly. In front of the shrine and the witch guarding the shrine, it was disrespectful to say such things.

She should be angry, but she wasn’t.

She looked at the sky and realized that it was early, so she felt puzzled by the men and women who came up at this time. It took a long time to walk up the mountain.The pair have started their trip up the mountain beforedawn… or even earlier.

“Since you aren’t here for worshipping, please suit yourself here.” In the end, the witch did not intend to put fault on the duo’s disrespect to the “gods,” but her attitude was colder.

Since her age was too young, her coldness did not look like an iceberg but rather an annoyance.

“Can I walk around?” Boss Luo thought for a while, “I won’t touch anything here. I promise.”

“Suit yourself.” The witch said calmly, then looked at Luo Qiu. She exclaimed, “However, you’d better leave this place as soon as possible.”

“Sure enough, is it because I don’t offer my tributes?” asked Luo Qiu apologetically.

The witch shook her head, “It is dangerous for a man to stay in this village, especially if you are still a foreigner.”


“That’s all I can say.” The witch lifted the bucket again and walked through the front door into the shrine.

Luo Qiu sighed and looked at the door that was finally closed.If it is dangerous, probably the prayer signs hanging on the wooden fence next to me are more dangerous, right?

“I wonder if Eric is ready,” blurted Boss Luo abruptly.

You Ye whispered, “Eric only needs us to contain one of the people he selects. It is to preserve more true souls in this pseudo-world. Since the request is not much, he needs more preparations.”

Boss Luo smiled and looked at the position of the stone steps leading up, “The first one turns out to be him.”

A figure dashed on the steep stone steps.

Red robe and silver-white hair… It was the Windchaser who was a half demon beast in this world. But Windchaser was not alone. He was carrying a fainted woman on his back.

I always pick up someone injured and unconscious when I leave my house.Windchaser sighed with resignation. Last time, it was Zixing with the faint demon beast power on her. As a demon beast, Windchaser would not be a bystander.

As for this time, the fainted and injured woman did not seem to be an ordinary person.

“Is anyone here?”

Just as he reached the end of the stone steps, Windchaser hurriedly yelled. The reason why he came to this place was because of some memories left in his body.

“Is anyone here?” Windchaser stepped closer at this time and shouted again at the shrine’s door. At this time, his ears trembled slightly.

Because he heard the sound of footsteps. As expected, a young witch wearing a white kimono with wet hair opened the door not long after.

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