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Chapter 872 Volume 9 – Chapter 122: In This Male-dominated Society (Part 1)

In the old literature, there was a saying that urges us to stay patient and low profile when the time is no right. Once an opportunity comes, soar like the dragon with no scruples.

Hence the saying that the timely dragon hid in the deep pool when the time had not come.

Moving from Spring to Autumn, Saburo Nagato had been practicing sword technique for fifteen years. His goal was to catch up with his elder brother.

The elder brother was twelve years older than him and had become a samurai at seventeen. Now that the elder brother was getting older, but he was increasing in age.

The young Saburo Nagato believed that he would achieve more than his brother, like the dragon hidden in the pool. Once it soared, it would be magnificent!


When he just returned from exercise, his brother came to his place of residence.

Saburo Nagato was surprised to hear his brother’s suggestion. He suddenly recalled that his elder brother Nagato Munechika seemed to have married at his age. Munechika had a family already. The nephew was approaching seven years old. The following year would be the age when he could learn sword skills.

Nagato Munechika, who was about forty years old, was older than what Saburo Nagato thought. The elder brother had gray hair on the temples.When did it happen?Saburo Nagato looked at the gray hair on his elder brother’s temples, distracted.

“Her name is Haru Narukami. She is the successor to the next shrine witch.” Nagato Munechika said indifferently, “I have discussed with the current witch. Haru Narukami is not suitable to take over as a witch. Master witch intends to choose another candidate. Haru Narukami has grown up and should consider marriage. It just so happens that you are at the age of getting married, so I decide to help you agree to this marriage.”

Nagato Munechika, who had inherited the Nagato family business, had unquestionable authority in the Nagato family. Saburo Nagato was obsessed with sword practice. He did not have much thought about his marriage. But the eldest brother was like a father. Although Saburo Nagato didn’t expect much from Nagato’s arrangement, he did not resist it.

“Everything shall follow my brother’s arrangement!” Saburo Nagato nodded directly.

Haru Narukami was a child adopted by the witch. She had attended the annual worship ritual in Unripe Rice Village several times. Saburo Nagato had already met her. She was indeed an excellent woman, so he didn’t resist his brother’s arrangement.

But he sought another thing, “Brother, the secret of the Nagato family. Please allow me to practice it! I feel that my strength can no longer grow!”

The secret profound art – the foundation of the Nagato family. At the time, the Nagato family’s ancestors survived the battle with the powerful fox demon beast in the Unripe Rice Village area because of the secret profound art. As a result, they acquired rewards from the Unripe Rice Village too.

However, only those who inherited the family inheritance had the qualifications to be bestowed upon the secret profound art. Saburo Nagato, even a sibling of the Nagato clan, had no qualifications to practice it.

Nagato Zong looked at Saburo Nagato for a long time with a cold expression. He just dropped a comment, “Wait until you get married for this matter.”

Saburo Nagato could only give up asking.

Looking at Nagato Munechika’s back, Saburo Nagato whispered to himself, “Brother, are you so afraid that I will surpass you? The god of Nagato’s family…”

The marriage news soon came out. Everyone was happily discussing it. When Saburo Nagato went out, he could hear praises everywhere.

This made him feel a kind of irritability inexplicably. He made a decision. He quietly went to the mountain to take a look at his fiancee Haru Narukami before getting married.

The shrine used for enshrinement was fa

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