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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 888 - Volume 9 – Chapter 131: Disaster (4) (Part1)
Chapter 888 Volume 9 – Chapter 131: Disaster (4) (Part1)

The sky had gone dark.

Nagato Munechika fell headlong into the old site of the Nagato household as the half demon beast in a fiery-red robe inflicted a heavy blow on him.

He easily smashed through the roof beam and then crashed to the floor. The moment Nagato Munechika got up, he vomited a mouthful of blood.

He is too strong.

This was the only thought in his heart.

In actual fact, it wasn’t that the opponent was too strong, but Nagato Munechika was constantly becoming weaker!

Nagato Munechika looked at his palm with difficulty. Starting from his fingers, there were traces of it faded.

Will I disappear?

The inexplicable fear made Nagato Munechika find himself insignificant. But at this time, the threat from the half demon beast and samurai still existed. I can’t let myself die here just like this.

Staggering, Nagato Munechika quickly darted forward.

Just a short time after he fled, two figures landed on the roof opening at the same time. Windchaser looked at the pit that Nagato Munechika made, while Mo Xiaofei was looking around as if feeling something.

“Windchaser, how do you feel?” Mo Xiaofei glanced at Windchaser suddenly and saw that his face was slightly pale.

“A little tired.” Windchaser didn’t hide it and said directly, “The increase in my strength just now is a secret technique which requires me to pay a price. Of course, it is due to the shortcomings in my physical body! But elder brother, I will step up by training myself!”

Mo Xiaofei just smiled without uttering a word. He patted Windchaser’s shoulder casually and then touched Windchaser’s head. Whether in the main world or this Yan Wuyue world, Mo Xiaofei’s appearance was older than Windchaser.

“Strange, I really can’t smell that weird guy?” Windchaser frowned at this moment, “Why does he seem to disappear suddenly?”

Mo Xiaofei nodded and said, “In fact, I also sensed that he had disappeared out of thin air, but I may know where he went. Since he escaped back to Nagato’s household, in the end, there’s only one place he would go. Windchaser, be careful later. There is something horrible that dwells in the Nagato house! Come with me!”

Naturally, the place where Mo Xiaofei was going was the dungeon of Nagato’s house!

There were two passages in the dungeon.

Nagato Munechika stumbled and finally opened the entrance to the dungeon. When he came to the road fork, Nagato Munechika vaguely heard the sound coming from the direction leading to the ‘Longevity Palace.’ He knew what was happening over there at this time, but he had no intention of paying attention to it at this moment.

He chose the other direction.

Supporting himself on the wall, every step taken took a heavy toll on Nagato Munechika. Looking at the faded marks that spread to the arm, Nagato Munechika’s manic expression on his face was even more apparent.

I will not die. I am the strongest.

Faith supported his fading body. When Nagato Munechika came to the end of the passage, he directly touched a particular brick on the wall. The wall at the end automatically retracted to both sides. Nagato Munechika took a deep breath and quickly walked into it. He didn’t even plan to close the entrance.

He knew that the half demon beast and samurai duo were chasing behind him at this time. No time could be wasted!

I will not lose after giving up my humanity. I will never lose!

A series of cyan fireballs appeared as Nagato Munechika passed by. The floor here was polished. Many wooden beams situated here support this place.

At the end of the passage, there were traces of cyan-colored smoke and mist. They were slowly permeating the place. When Nagato Munechika was immersed in the cyan smoke, he felt refreshed, albeit he wasn’t sure whether it was just a placebo.

There was a square pool in front of him. The pool was pitch black, occupied with mud-like mater

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