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Volume 9 – Chapter 70: Negligence (Part 1)

The dark black SUV drove to one of the urban villages in the city. Little Lu gave this address to Zhu Maolin.

She had a father addicted to gambling in the family. Since she lived frugally, it made sense for her to live in such a humble place.

Only then did Zhu Maolin think of an interesting thing. The bus schedule was written on the bus stop sign. In other words, it would be apparent at first glance that no bus would be coming. No one would wait there, sillily.

But when he discovered Little Lu, what was she doing?

She was trotting and jumping around the bus stop, seeming to be doing some warm-up exercises. She might really plan to spend the whole night like this.

In fact, before Little Lu left the advertising agency, she could mention her difficulty of not getting a bus. No matter how bad it could turn out, she could still request some money from Zhu Maolin for the taxi fares. No one would mind that one hundred and dozens of dollars, but she chose this most stupid method.

Such a girl came out of a fairy tale, right?

The complicated advertising circle had quietly changed Zhu Maolin’s perception after a long time.

Of course, there was no right or wrong to this change. This change was necessary for him to continue his life. Therefore, he had habitually thought that a woman who approached him must have a hidden agenda. Little Lu’s emergence seemed to have brought some surprise different from the past.

Zhu Maolin also remembered another point of view. When men were younger, they would yearn for women who were more mature than them. But, when a man became more mature, they preferred their partner to be more innocent, untainted from society.

“Have you lived here since you were young?” The car slowly stopped downstairs of a four-story old building. The street lights were dim yellow. It felt like electricity was insufficient or the light bulbs were too old.

Several insects were surrounding the light.

Little Lu shook her head, presumably answering Zhu Maolin’s question. She quickly got off the car, as if she didn’t want to add any further trouble to Zhu Maolin. She quickly apologized, “Thank you.”

Zhu Maolin shook his head and said calmly, “Just take it as I’m investing my resources. Good advertising models are hard to find… It’s fine. You got some talents. There should be more future opportunities ahead. Just assume that I am investing in social capital.”

Little Lu was taken aback. Zhu Maolin’s rhetoric was a little beyond her anticipation, whether it was as ‘Little Lu’ or herself.

“Is this how you become after entering society for a long time?” Little Lu looked at Zhu Maolin with a complicated expression, “The so-called maturity?”

“I believe you will mature in the future.” Zhu Maolin smiled lightly. He then probed out his head from the car window and looked at the old building above his head, “Aren’t you going up? Since we’re here, I’m going t

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