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Chapter 718 Volume 9 – Chapter 93: Noble

On the way to the cinema, Mo Xiaofei and Windchaser walked ahead while Zixing and the class president followed behind. This class president was a gentle person. Zixing was the Greedy Wolf Clan Young Master. Naturally, there was no barrier in conversation. They chatted indiscriminately.

“Brother, don’t you need to cultivate today?” asked Windchaser curiously.

In the past, Mo Xiaofei went back home to cultivate after class, but today he didn’t. Instead, he went out shopping in his school uniform.

Mo Xiaofei said bitterly, “I requested for one week of leave in advance. Otherwise, I might not be able to get out.”

They said that the entire demon beast world wanted the qualification to get the True Dragon of Divine Land’s cultivation guidance and be acknowledged as their student. Windchaser naturally thought so too, but he was not as lucky as Mo Xiaofei, “Hmm…Master Long is indeed a bit strict. But, I haven’t seen Master Long much recently. How is she?”

Long Xiruo told Mo Xiaofei not to disclose what she was doing now. Mo Xiaofei knew the stake involved, so naturally, he wouldn’t say much, “She is doing fine, probably went out to gather medicine. It will take a while for her to return. Young Master Long has been guiding me recently.”

“Oh.” Windchaser nodded. He knew Young Master Long with one encounter in the past, but he didn’t know her origin. “By the way, brother, you just said you have something to ask me. What is it? ”

Mo Xiaofei took the Wolf Warrior’s soul painter’s painting from the bag and said resignedly, “You… have you seen the person on this painting recently? The teacher asked me to find this person, taking it for cultivation practice.”

Windchaser took the painting and looked at it seriously. He was keen to help Mo Xiaofei.

Mo Xiaofei looked at the sky, “Uh…you took it upside down.”

Windchaser, “This painting is great and unique. Sorry, brother, I haven’t seen this person in the past, but I will pay more attention!”

Mo Xiaofei shook his head, put the painting away, and said with a smile, “Well, if you have any news, please let me know. It doesn’t matter if there is no news.”

These days at night, Mo Xiaofei roamed quietly in the city’s night sky. He was exhausted every night to achieve his goal. Yet, he still couldn’t find a clue related to the Greedy Wolf Clan Young Master in this painting. If it weren’t for the two warriors in the hospital who insisted, claiming that they could sense that the young master was in this city despite being unable to pinpoint the coordinate, Mo Xiaofei would feel like giving up.

“Then brother, do you have any other information about this person, for example, his name?” Windchaser asked.

Mo Xiaofei thought for a while, then shook his head. This involved the Greedy Wolf Clan’s internal affairs. It might involve internal strife. In his opinion, Windchaser was just a child. Despite Windchaser’s older age, it was still not suitable for Windchaser to get involved. “The teacher only asked me to look for this person.”

Windchaser had been walking in the city all the time. Mo Xiaofei was trying his luck. He wasn’t too serious about the search at the moment.

“Let’s queue up and buy the tickets. You all should wait here.” Mo Xiaofei smiled, patted Windchaser on the shoulder, and asked Windchaser to stay put.

Zixing only had time to talk to Windchaser alone at this time. She looked at Windchaser and frowned, “These two human beings are your friends?”

Windchaser did not hear the faint displeasure in Zixing’s words and said casually, “Yes! Brother Mo Xiaofei is the most respected person in my life! If it weren’t for him, I would have died long ago! A life-saving grace is like a new parent !”

Zixing finally frowned, “You mean he already knows your identity as a demon beast? This human?”

Windchaser said matter-of-factly, “Yes, what’s so weird about it? Brother Xiaofei is still Maste

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