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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 850 - Volume 9 – Chapter 111: ‘Longevity Palace’ (Part 1)
Chapter 850 Volume 9 – Chapter 111: ‘Longevity Palace’ (Part 1)

“Died of illness?”

Zixing and Mo Xiaofei were still discussing the details of entering the dungeon of Nagato’s house. Naturally, they would inevitably discuss the true identity of the crazy woman trapped in the dungeon.

“They claimed so to the outside world, but that isn’t the reality.” Mo Xiaofei frowned, seeming to organize the chaotic memories, “But as for the reason, no matter how I tried this year, there was no way I could inquire about it. But, the only thing that can be confirmed is that the dungeon of Nagato’s house hides this crazy woman. Only Master Nagato, Shinji Nagato and Saburo Nagato know.”

Zixing curiously asked, “Why is Brother Mo so sure?”

Mo Xiaofei smiled bitterly, “In this year of the reincarnation loop, I have asked every Nagato family member directly in person, including the lowest-ranking people.”

Anyway, it was an infinite load game. After countless deaths, Mo Xiaofei admitted that he had mastered a lot of information, but he still could not break the current deadlock.

“Master Nagato and Shinji Nagato will not talk about it for the time being…” Zixing frowned, “So Saburo Nagato can actually tolerate his wife being locked up in the dungeon with no chance of seeing the sun.”

Mo Xiaofei said, “There is one thing strange about Chizuko Nagato.”

“Pen Immortal?” Zixing frowned. “In the movie…”

“I’m afraid that the world we live in now is deviated from the movie plot.” Mo Xiaofei shook his head, “We can only have the storyline as a reference. I am afraid that what lies ahead is just a dead end.”

“Tell me more about Chizuko Nagato.”

“Chizuko Nagato was born in November.” Mo Xiaofei said sternly, “But as far as I know, Saburo Nagato was on the battlefield around the new year of the same year!”

“Are you trying to say that Chizuko Nagato is not Saburo Nagato’s birth?” Zixing shook her head, “There is not much time difference. If Saburo Nagato had sex with his wife before the expedition, it would not be impossible. It’s more reasonable to say they have a lovey-dovey time before the campaign.”

“Though it is said that…” Mo Xiaofei nodded, “There is a subordinate responsible for the night watch. I once tied him up and interrogated him quietly. After Saburo Nagato left, Master Nagato once went quietly to the place where Saburo Nagato lives in the middle of the night. According to my observation, Saburo Nagato mistreats Chizuko Nagato and finds her annoying!”

Mo Xiaofei shook his head, “Which parent would hate his child? Chizuko Nagato, you should have seen her, right? This little girl is so beautiful. I like her from the bottom of my heart! It’s a pity that I can’t get close to Saburo Nagato. Even though I tried to get some clues when he was often drunk, I could not get anything. Initially, if I didn’t meet you this time, I was planning to capture Saburo Nagato…”

Mo Xiaofei did not say what he would do after seizing him. Zixing also cleverly did not ask.

Without going mad within one year of reincarnation. It would be abnormal if Mo Xiaofei had not experienced any changes.

Zixing could vaguely feel a hint of vicious intent in Mo Xiaofei, but she did not immediately point it out and just said, “Then, what about the village’s curse? The village girl you mentioned. Takeko?”

“That’s what I want to say. Those shameless deeds in Nagato’s house.” Mo Xiaofei took a deep breath. A horrifying murderous intent flashed in his eyes!

“Shameless deed…”

Mo Xiaofei shook his head, “I’m afraid it’s hard to say clearly. It’s better to let you take a look directly. You will have a more intuitive understanding. But first, you have to help me distract Master Nagato because the entrance of the mechanism is in the yard where he lives. Worse still, it is next to his bedroom. Master Nagato will not leave this place usually. Even if he leaves, he will order a servant to watch that place. No one is a

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