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Chapter 543: She and She

Translator:Alfredo Poutine SoupEditor:DesTheSloth

For someone who was going to hold a wedding ceremony, their lives would be much busier than an ordinary person’s.

Old friends and classmates would constantly invite Xue Shao to party giving the excuse of celebrating his marriage. Such as the so-called Bachelor Nights.

But they all knew Xue Shao well, so they only found a small bar for some drinking.

Xue Shao was slightly drunk.

He sat on the sofa, holding a bottle of beer while looking at the faces of his friends. What made him feel tired was that the time seemed to crawl by at a slow pace… ever since he came back.

His high school class monitor walked close to Xue Shao and proposed a toast to him while saying that, “Are you still alright? Why don’t you drink with the others?”

The class monitor sat by Xue Shao;s side while asking.

“Well… I just want to be alone.” Xue Shao smiled, “It is good to just look around too.”

“Being emotional about life? Life made you mature, that is true.” The class monitor seemed to realize something and he accompanied Xue Shao looking at these excited classmates.

“Oh, I have sent the wedding invitation to our head teacher instead of you.” The class monitor said to him.

Xue Shao was shocked and curious, “You have sent… oh, now I remember. Zishan told me when I was on a business trip. Thank you for sending it, I should have been the one to do so.”

“My pleasure.” Monitor patted Xue Shao’s shoulder, “Our teacher said he would come to your wedding since he had a lot of free time after retirement.”

“That’s good.” Xue Shao would call the teacher sometimes but they hadn’t met for years.

“Oh, and one more thing.”

Monitor looked at Xue Shao and continued, “I have obtained Xu Jiayi’s phone number from our teacher and called her to invite her to attend your wedding ceremony as you mentioned last time. But I suppose she won’t come since she had gotten married and has a child already.”

“Married… a kid?” Xue Shao was stunned and sighed later. He smiled while swallowing the beer.

He smiled bitterly, ‘I didn’t think you would play one final prank on me. You really always can bring me a surprise.’

“What are you laughing about?” The class monitor was curious.

Xue Shao clinked his glass with monitor’s and smiled, “Everything in life is fleeting.”

The monitor said, “You are right, life is fleeting. Nobody can imagine that our goddess would get married so early. It is a pity. But it was quite normal as she went abroad since the winter vacation of high school. She worked there and married there. Foreigners were more open… Xue Shao, do you think that foreign man is better than a Chinese man? Haha.”

“Class monitor, can you be a bit more serious?” Xue Shao frowned. He really couldn’t do anything about this mischievous friend.

He lowered his head, and drank. Xue Shao suddenly recalled the class monitor’s words and asked. “What did you say just now? She went abroad since winter vacation?”

“Yes. She did!” Monitor added, “We all knew that, right?”

“No… that is impossible.” Xue Shao frowned, “Didn’t she… go abroad after the summer vacation from the last year of high school?”

“Are you drunk?” Monitor touched Xue Shao’s head, “Do you have a fever, are your memories jumbled?”

“No!” Xue Shao was extremely excited, “that’s impossible! If so, who was my girlfriend when we are in twelfth grade?”

“In the semester of twelfth grade?” The class monitor thought a moment, “Oh, her last name was Xu… oh, she was Xu Xin. I remember, Xu Xin.”

“Xu…Xu Xin?” Xue Shao was confused.

The monitor nodded, “I think you really are drunk now. Did you forget Xu Xin? She transferred to our school that summer! She was so pretty and you two dated secretly. We all knew that. To be honest, you really are capable in getting girlfriends in such a short time! Ooops…you are really a prude. How about Xu Xin and you? I h

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