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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 655 - Volume 9 – Chapter 47: Who Will You Save? Who Do You Want To Save? Who Can You Save? (Part 2)

Chapter 655 - Volume 9 – Chapter 47: Who Will You Save? Who Do You Want To Save? Who Can You Save? (Part 2)

Volume 9 – Chapter 47: Who Will You Save? Who Do You Want To Save? Who Can You Save? (Part 2)

“It’s okay, this time… I will save you this time! I definitely will!”

The black water surface was boiling frantically at this time. A terrifying and shapeless face, just under the boiling water surface, opened its massive mouth at this moment, “He is mine!! He is mine!” Come and stay with me… stay with me…”

Dazhe hugged the child in front of him tightly, but his body kept sinking under the water…

The Taoist text behind him suddenly burst with brilliant golden light and went straight to the sky… A gap was instantly opened in this terrifying space!

“Dazhe! Can you hear me talking? Dazhe!!!”

Lord Jin’s voice!

Dazhe suddenly headed towards this gap!

“Dazhe! The situation is critical! Listen to me. I’m outside now! I can only open this gap! Come out! Quick! I can’t hold on for long! Quick! Quick! Quick!!!”

“It’s you again, you old fart!”

Under the water, this terrifying face roared frantically! The opened gap was closed quickly at this moment. The beam of light emitted from the gap shrank quickly. At the same time, more arms were not even afraid of being burned away, flew in, and encircled Dazhe and the child.


Dazhe suddenly looked down at the child and smiled slightly, “Don’t be afraid… This time, I still have to let go.”


Dazhe roared and twisted his body suddenly. While using the golden light behind his back to resist the black arm, he gritted his teeth and pushed the child towards the beam of light, “I will replace you!!!”


The massive mouth under the water suddenly rushed out and swallowed Dazhe…As he looked at the child…and watched as the kid entered the boundaries of the beam of light and slowly lifted into the sky, Dazhe slowly closed his eyes.

“…If I could take your place that day…that would be great…”

Dazhe was swallowed by total darkness.

“Xiao Hu! Xiao Hu!”

Dazhe’s, Ah Long’s, and the voices of several brothers kept echoing in Xiao Hu’s ears… Right here, this cliff where there was no way to go back.

“Don’t come nearer, don’t… I beg you. Don’t come any nearer…” Xiao Hu still pointed his pistol at the child’s head.

“Save me… Wa!!”

“Xiao Hu! Listen! Put down the gun!” Dazhe took two steps forward, gritted his teeth, and endured the pain, “Listen, please listen. Okay? Don’t keep on committing mistakes…It will be more dangerous.”

“Brother Zhe…” Xiao Hu cried at this moment. “I can’t… I killed so many people… I don’t want to go back! I don’t want to go back!”

“Xiao Hu! Turn back!”

“I can’t! I can’t!” Xiao Hu wailed emotionally. “I can’t go back! I’m useless! I can’t make money! I can’t find a good job! My wife is about to give birth! However, I went to gamble…I’m useless…I’m useless…So, could you leave me alone? Leave me alone! Brother Zhe, please, leave me alone… You don’t cry! Stop crying… I, I will kill you!!!”

“Xiao Hu! Don’t be impulsive!!”

“I can’t go back… can’t go back…” Xiao Hu shook his head, “I am done for. I am done for…”

“Xiao Hu! You said your baby is about to be born! Do you bear to do that! Don’t you want to watch your son be born?”

“Child…My child…” Xiao Hu was startled. “My child…”

He slowly put down the pistol in his hand. Dazhe’s eyes lit up at this time, and he slowly approached, “By the way, Xiao Hu, your wife told us that she wants you to go back. She wants to see you! She asked me to find out if you have decided on the name of the child!”


“When did I lie to you?” Dazhe continued to move closer. “If you don’t believe me, go back with me. Then, you will know, right? By the way, the doctor also said that she was having dystocia. Don’t you want to go and see her?”

“I…I…” Xiao Hu subconsciously dropped his arms.


“You can’t run away anymore. Put down your weapons. Release the hostages and surrender–!”

The hel

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