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Volume 9 – Chapter 59: Cold As Ice (Part 2)

Liu Zixing’s English was pretty good. It seemed because he was sent abroad to study for several years after high school.

“Professor Trevor, are you here alone?” Liu Zixing asked Professor Trevor to sit down quite enthusiastically, and then turned to tell his wife, “Get us some tea.”

Professor Trevor spoke bluntly, “No, I am not thirsty. Besides, I want to take a look at the goods.”

Liu Zixing was taken aback, and then smiled happily. “Professor Trevor is a forthright person… No problem, come with me.”

Liu Zixing led Professor Trevor to the study after going upstairs. He asked Professor Trevor to stop outside the door, but he closed the door and walked in.

At the position where the picture hung on the wall of the study, Liu Zixing opened the safe he kept at home. Now, he could open the safe at ease.

Everything here belonged to him legally… It was all with the help of the mysterious trader, allowing him to acquire all these despite the young age.

When the safe was opened, the lighting system in the safe was also activated. In one of the cabinets separated by several layers, there was a delicate box.

Inside it was the item of this transaction – a black diamond.

Every time he saw this black diamond, Liu Zixing felt a sense of fear from the bottom of his heart… In his memories, his father seemed to have changed a little after he got the black diamond.

He even subconsciously blamed the black diamond for some things he did not want to mention in this mansion.

Liu Zixing even summarized it as an ominous item, even the item seemed to attract him every time.

However, the feeling of disgust suppressed the attractiveness of Black Diamond… That was why he planned to sell this thing off as soon as possible. In fact, it was also a desperate move.

He had owed too many gambling debts outside. After Liu Ang’s death, he had safely and legally inherited the wealth of the Liu family at the price of the pain coming from losing someone dearly. It was a painful experience.

But, he found that even though he had already lost a family member, nothing seemed to have changed. His wife still looked the same. His mother hadn’t changed in any way.

Since he had become the only male in the Liu family, his status in the family had suddenly risen to the apex.

Sometime ago, Liu Zixing, who was drifting away, once again let loose of himself. He went to gamble, unable to bear the temptation.

“I want to quit gambling.”

Liu Zixing took the box out of the safe with heavy hands, then restored everything to its original appearance. He finally opened the door to let Professor Trevor walk into the study.

“Oh… this is the black diamond?”

Professor Trevor looked at the box Liu Zixing carried with both hands. He bent over, almost leaning forward. He even wanted to reach out, take it out and observe it carefully.

Unexpectedly, Liu Zixing suddenly put the box together at this time. “Professor Trevor, you said that there will be a price that satisfies me, right?”

“Mr. Liu, please believe that I came with sincerity.”

Liu Zixing kept hooking his client, “I wonder what’s your so-called sincerity.”

Professor Trevor said calmly, “I don’t like the pleasantry from your country. I have prepared 40 million… Of course it is your country’s currency. If you don’t want it, I can change the currency. We can talk about it.”

“Only 40 million?” Liu Zixing shook his head, “Professor, I’m sorry. 40 million is too little. Do you know how heavy this black diamond is? When my father bought it back, it far exceeded this price. I’m sorry. I can’t sell it to you.”

Professor Trevor said calmly, “Mr. Liu, I think there are some situations where we need to clarify.”

If the price was not high, Liu Zixing had no plans to speak with this foreign old man. He shook his head and said, “There is nothing to explain. The price you offered is not enough. It’s

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