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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 883 - Volume 9 – Chapter 127: Divine Land Two-world Agreement (Part 2)
Chapter 883 Volume 9 – Chapter 127: Divine Land Two-world Agreement (Part 2)

Mo Xiaofei thought of Windchaser and other demon beasts like Cheese, who had a hard life. He felt compassionate to them at the moment, but he couldn’t be sure that every demon beast would be like Windchaser with kindness in essence.

He had a complicated feeling.

“Master Long, strictly speaking, is not just our Master Long.” Zixing said quietly, “She is the Master Long of Divine Land, who guards this land. When humanity is prosperous and demon beasts’ days have numbered, she could only act according to the heaven-destined fate. This agreement helps the demon beast race to survive. That is already the greatest favor to my kind. What else can I ask for? Heaven abandoned us and let us return to the original appearance of the beast. We can only accept it silently.”

“Zixing…” Mo Xiaofei wanted to say something but suddenly realized that his position was inappropriate. He couldn’t help but feel a little down.

“It’s alright. After the founding of the country, there shall not be demon beasts. What a bizarre joke,” said Zixing calmly. “Also, Brother Mo, the time has passed. It seems that we have successfully passed the third day. This is worth celebrating!”

Mo Xiaofei was taken aback for a moment. He then realized that Zixing was diverting his attention to stop him from overthinking about the uncertainty of being unable to pass through the third day.

Mo Xiaofei smiled. Zixing appeared cold from the outside, but she was, in essence, like Windchaser and Cheese. I wonder if she has noticed this herself.

“Yes, it is indeed something to be happy about.” Mo Xiaofei took a deep breath, only to feel that his body was full of vigor. He stood up directly.

He blinked at Zixing, then smiled suddenly, “Zixing, Windchaser is not bad. You should consider him!”

Zixing opened her mouth, then frowned, and said indifferently, “He is still just a child, Brother Mo. You gotta be joking.”

Mo Xiaofei shrugged and said directly, “Since the nightmare of the time reset loop has been broken, what shall we do next?”

Zixing said, “We entered the movie world and came to Yan Wuyue. The Fuji [1] that appeared in the movie is probably the key. In Unripe Rice Village, only shrine’s witch can write with Fuji.”

Mo Xiaofei said with resignation, “But, there is no one in the shrine.”

“The third day is over. Today is the ritual day of Unripe Rice Village. In the ritual, the witch should appear!” Zixing narrowed her eyes. “Then, we may be able to solve the mystery of why we enter here.”

The woodshed door opened. A man dressed in black with a cold expression walked in.

Axiu, who hadn’t seen the sun for three days, couldn’t open her eyes due to the sudden dazzling light coming outside the door.

The man said calmly, “Axiu, come with me.”

Although she couldn’t see the man’s appearance, Axiu was very familiar with his voice. Hearing what the other party said, Axiu’s body trembled slightly and then silently nodded, “So, it’s been another month. Please lead the way, Lord Shinji.”

This person wearing black clothes was Shinji Nagato with an indifferent expression.

There was no one outside at this time. Axiu lowered her head and followed Shinji Nagato. But along the way, she did not see anyone. Axiu couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Lord Shinji, why is the household so quiet?”

Shinji Nagato said calmly, “Have you forgotten? Today is the ritual day. Everyone in the family has gone to help. Only those of you with days numbered need to be absent.”

Axiu nodded and just sighed secretly about what was coming. She didn’t say anything.

Soon after, under Shinji Nagato’s guidance, Axiu came to a room. In the room, six young women had been waiting long ago. Axiu was the seventh.

The women in the room watched Shinji Nagato come in at this time. They became alerted.

Shinji Nagato waved his hand at this time. Axiu wal

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