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Chapter 544: The Answer was in…

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“We can’t find anyone named Xu Xin.”

“Sorry to bother you. She entered school in 2003 and then transferred to another high school. Her name was Xu Xin. Can you please help to check one more time?”

“Sorry, sir. We have checked the entire’s school enrollment information. There was no one named Xu Xin. I think you might be mistaken.”

“Impossible. I found her data in our school’s library and it said that she transferred to this school.”

Xue Shao drove to the high school which Xu Xin attended as his head teacher suggested in the early morning.

“Sorry, sir. There is nothing we can help… I still have a lot of work to do. If there are no more questions, please excuse…”

Xue Shao left this school hopelessly.

He couldn’t understand this weird phenomenon. Why did all the classmates and teachers remember Xu Jiayi and Xu Xin… but he didn’t?

Why would he take these two girls as one person in his deep memory?

Xue Shao was sitting in his car without starting it. He was a mess—he thought that all had come to an end since he came back from the business trip.

Xue Shao enjoyed the perfect ending of his dreams to his 10-plus-years journey… Everything was good—even though his first love couldn’t come to fruition. But it was enough as he had tried his best to take time back with that kiss in that shopping mall.

Xue Shao gritted his teeth and took out the cell phone. He asked the number of Xu Jiayi from his class monitor… maybe he could know more by contacting her.

But he hesitated for a while.

How about… looking at her Facebook first—so Xue Shao opened the personal page of every moment recorded in Xu Jiayi’s life.

He saw a selfie on the first page. In this photo, a woman was wearing a yellow helmet beside the coastline. She looked quite similar with the one in his memory… unexpectedly, she had cut her hair and was a little fat now.

And she was not the one he came across in that hotel… although the time of this photo was the day when he went on that business trip.

Xue Shao reviewed the photos one by one… the photos recorded the moments when she hugged her child in her arms, when she got married, when she was together with her boyfriend… and when she went to university abroad.

Gradually, the woman reminded Xue Shao of his first love in his memory.

“Whom did I come across that day?” Xue Shao leaned on the steering wheel for a long time.

Finally, he got the courage to call her.

“Hi!Who’s that?”

“Is this… Xu Jiayi?”

“Yes, I am, who is this…” The woman seemed confused.

“It’s me, Xue Shao.”

“Oh! Xue Shao! Long time no see!”

The woman smiled via phone, “Congratulations! I heard that you are going to get married. Class monitor called me a few days before. Well… I am so sorry that I can’t attend your wedding because of work.”

She said to him in polite and normal greetings.

Xue Shao f

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