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Volume 9 – Chapter 72: Cloudy Day

Zhu Maolin later proposed to Hou Chen Yuhan to stroll outside. After all, he took leave today already.

He came over with two bottles of water and handed Hou Chen Yuhan a bottle. He was still over courteous as he always was at home, even more polite than when he and her first met.

It was just that there was no more racing heartbeat.

She seemingly did not know why her husband would appear at this place – a place he rarely visited. Hou Chen Yuhan remained silent.

No matter the topic she brought up, the vibe would eventually turn cold. It was better off not to say anything. At least, there was still some tacit understanding retained after interacting with each other for a long time.

Probably the tacit understanding was still there.

“How about?” / “How about?”

“You should speak first?” / “You should speak first?”

“That…” / “How about…”

Then, he averted his gaze and continued walking as if he had no more courage to speak about the future. Zhu Maolin still felt guilty.

He stopped, and Hou Chen Yuhan subconsciously took a few steps forward. His time seemed to have stopped while her time was flowing.

He looked at her back and finally decided to stop his time once and for all and let her time flow, “Let’s divorce.”

Hou Chen Yuhan trembled slightly. She did not stop nor looked back as if she didn’t hear it. She just walked forward. She had no response in the end, and she disappeared into this cemetery.

Zhu Maolin stared at the place where she disappeared and silently exclaimed in his heart:After all, you are still young.

How could he deprive her of her rights as a woman and even love?

Soon after, Zhu Maolin also left the cemetery. He did not go back to the company and was even more reluctant to go back to that home. Just like that, he drove a car and circled endlessly on the highway.

Even if he finally said this sentence, she didn’t feel any relief.

A cloudy day with no wind.

The cloudy and windless weather was a bit dull, especially in winter. It gave off an uncomfortable feeling.

Probably, something was pressing on her heart. She just stared at the gray sky.

Yin Greedy Wolf still didn’t have any response. When she woke up today, there was still no response.

Sure enough, it was because of severe injury. Of course, it was also because of the death of two Greedy Wolf Clan warriors. He could not absorb the vitality of the other two Wolf Warriors prepared beforehand for sacrifice, rendering him failed in activating the Yin Greedy Wolf’s power. In the end, he arrived at such a situation.

The demon beast, who claimed to be Windchaser, hid aside. He quietly looked at her. The moment she woke up, the first thing she saw was the little demon beast who took her here.

After putting down a set of clothes, he hid directly as if frightened and then sneaked a few peaks.Is this guy younger than fifty years old?

She could vaguely sen

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