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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 736 - Volume 9 – Chapter 103: Remnants… History is Always Surprisingly Similar

Chapter 736 - Volume 9 – Chapter 103: Remnants… History is Always Surprisingly Similar

Chapter 736 Volume 9 – Chapter 103: Remnants… History is Always Surprisingly Similar

A trace of purple smoke first appeared from the broken ten-span sword at this moment. In just a moment, the purple smoke filled the entire cavern.

Dazhe was slightly surprised, looking at the purple smoke that had become thicker around him, thinking that this was some trick of the warrior in crimson armor in front of him. It felt like there was something dangerous; something was lurking.

He just felt chill behind his back – a bad feeling. He immediately rose but saw a long black shadow passing by. It was a giant head with a long neck – a snakehead!

Dazhe’s feet landed on a platform above the cave. In the thick purple mist below, a vast black shadow was seen. At the same time, each of the enormous heads began to rush out of the smoke, biting towards Dazhe fanatically!


When these loud noises sounded, Susanoo had left the cave. He stood on a rock somewhere outside, looking at this place from a distance, “The ten-span sword is broken. Orochi is freed. Enjoy.”

Susanoo snorted coldly and left this place without looking back. The one who fled from the ten-span sword was a terrifying beast from the local area: Orochi.

Susanoo used tactics to get Orochi drunk before taking the opportunity to cut off its head. But this fierce beast was even more terrifying in the spiritual form. Fortunately, the ten-span sword worked its wonder to seal the soul. As Orochi’s body died, the soul dosed with the special wine was drunk. It was finally sealed in the ten-span sword.

Orochi’s hatred for Susanoo had accumulated over the years. With the seal broken, it would not let Susanoo off. Susanoo had to run away before being discovered. Orochi took the terrifying human beings as prey. As the battle continued, Susanoo left first.

“Takiribime, Amaterasu’s subordinate, is right!” Susanoo’s gaze under the grimacing mask was unusually solemn, “The mortal has such terrifying power. We can’t sit idle! We can’t allow Mother Deity’s Yan Wuyue to break apart!”

Orochi was somewhat distressed. It shouldn’t be too greedy. The kid used the trick successfully to deceive it. It was sealed in the ten-span sword. For it, there was no difference between having a body or spiritual form. It could transverse its body between reality and illusion. It would just take a certain amount of time.

But now that the seal was broken, it decided to let the kid who used the conspiracy against him bear its anger!

Huh, that kid escaped?

It doesn’t matter since I have locked on his spiritual qi. As for the brat in front of me, he seems a bit special.

It doesn’t feel like a human, but there’s a strong power within. After swallowing this brat, I can recover.


Orochi – the sound of eight giant snakeheads refracted continuously in this cave and then overlapped. The noise was no less than a rumble of thunder in a heavy rain exploded directly besid

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