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Chapter 852 Volume 9 – Chapter 112: Huh, This Could Work Too? (Part 1)

The lights were bright, but the room was full of unsightly sights. The men’s wanton laughter and the women’s obedience.

Or, it was impossible to use obedience to describe the appearance of women at this moment.

They lay on the ground, like the most gentle dogs. The men’s hands even held the ropes tied to the women.

The roaring laughter and the chanting of blissful pleasure were intertwined with the whispers of pleasure.

Zixing withdrew her gaze from the shock. The men and women in the room were immersed in the whirlpool of pleasure at this moment. They did not realize that everything here fell into the intruder’s sight.

Zixing slowly exhaled a turbid air, frowning, “The women inside are a bit abnormal. Their eyes are a little dull. Are they under control?”

Mo Xiaofei nodded, “You can even notice it at first glance.”

He immediately smiled bitterly, “In fact, when I first saw it, I couldn’t even describe how I felt. It was too unsightly.”

Such a grand scene of orgi. For Mo Xiaofei, who had never held the girl’s hand, it was as shocking as a thunderstorm. Even if he had seen the same scene many times, Mo Xiaofei still could not completely ignore it.

He shook his head and shoved away some of the messy thoughts in his brain, “Nagato has a secret medicine, which should make people in a trance after taking it. Um…the kind of ecstasy pills in our society. For things like this, the effect of this secret medicine may be similar. The women in these villages will not remember too much afterwards. They will only vaguely remember that they had intercourse with men. But, they were here originally ‘to live.’ They had no choice to let the man, so they would not mind too much.”

“But, I still don’t understand.” Zixing also shook her head, “I came all the way from the main city of the Kondo family. I have also passed through the prosperous places. There are also places for men to have fun in such places. It stands to reason that there is no need for men outside to come to such remote places.”

Mo Xiaofei said, “This will return to the question I asked you at the beginning. Do you think that the women in this village are more beautiful?”


Mo Xiaofei sighed and said, “According to legend, Unripe Rice Village has a strange well. As long as you drink the water from this well, women will get unimaginable beauty, and their daughters will inherit such beauty. Didn’t I say that this was originally built by a demon beast? For a long time, the Unripe Rice villager has kept the secret of this well just for fear that outsiders will bring disaster to the village because of coveting it. This secret was eventually discovered by the demon beast for unknown reasons.”

“The demon beast also came for this magical well. At the beginning, many villagers were slaughtered. Later, the ancestors of the Kondo family brought people to slay it. I don’t know th

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