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Chapter 868 Volume 9 – Chapter 120: Innocent Beauty (Part 1)

When the cherry blossoms dance in the sky, it should be beautiful scenery. However, the towering cherry blossom tree was now absorbing ‘Eight Million Deities,’ demons, reincarnated beings, and so on.

It was not difficult for people to discover that this massive cherry blossom tree used these extraordinary creatures in the Yan Wuyue world as nutrients. The scene was simply bizarre.

“A world-class nightmare?” Dazhe stared at the massive cherry blossom tree in the distance.

Vaguely, he seemed to see the kimono girl, Miki, in the middle of the trunk of the cherry blossom tree. At this time, Miki’s body was integrated into this cherry blossom tree. Her eyes were closed, and her expression was solemn.

Not minding Eric’s attitude at all, the maid said calmly, “Mr. Eric’s power comes from the dreams of all living things. It’s just that nice dreams are too few and too hard to get. On the contrary, nightmare seems to be an easier alternative.”

“You deserve to be known as the knowledgeable Ms. You Ye.” Eric did not mind her exposing it. If she could not even see through his means, Eric might doubt the club’s maid in front of him was a fake.

Dazhe looked at Eric, then at You Ye, frowned, “Then, the vessel mentioned earlier?”

“Just a vessel.” You Ye said calmly, “Not only to absorb the nightmare of all the creatures that are being swallowed under the cherry tree but also to collect the negative energy of every human being who has watched the movie in our main world. Let’s put it this way. Everyone who watches that movie will feel as if they have lost their souls. In fact, they are all drawn into the story of the movie world. This story is connected with the Yan Wuyue world. The movie scene overlapped indefinitely too.”

“The people watching the movie…”

You Ye said indifferently, “After the movie is over, you will naturally wake up, and you will not stay here forever. For those who have watched the movie, they may feel something. It’s a sense of being here before. Additionally, they will feel a little tired, but it won’t hurt much. If there are negative consequences, I’m afraid Mr. Eric wouldn’t dare to release this movie world out.”

“After all, not all powerful people are like your shop.” Eric said indifferently, “Even I don’t want to disturb the order of the present world. Although if I wanted it, I’m sure the club does offer this kind of service. It’s just that I have lost more than gain.”

“Mr. Eric, you’re too modest.” The maid smiled slightly. This dream-eating tapir (Eric) [1] could achieve that on its own. Of course, if Eric had the plan and wanted a deal, it was undoubtedly an extraordinary wealth for her master.

If it could help her master get more benefits in the deal, the maid would not mind chatting more with Eric.

“It’s almost done. You can start now. Yahiro-dono, I have been looking forward to it for a long time.” Eric smiled slig

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