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Volume 9 – Chapter 6: House

“Why are you standing still?!”

Only a roaring sound was heard. As a warrior, “Muscle Kanna” pulled up a giant sword and released the skills to jump in front of Qian Xiu, but “Green Sukumizu” attack was faster than “Muscle Kanna”!

The other three of the team also rushed forward, instantly dispersing the eight demonized soldiers.

Qian Xiu watched a man’s head roll down on the ground; his body was getting cold. Something was roaring in his heart… He suddenly realized that for the team, what they saw was just a 3D ‘monster’ in the game, not the realistic thing that he saw…

He took a deep breath and once again gripped the sword in his hand tightly, forcing himself to attack a demonized soldier.

For him, in this world, he would have to encounter similar incidents and even duel between players afterward… Even if he only killed the characters because of the duel, the person in front of him was obviously someone alive…

If he could not cross this hurdle, how could he continue his career as a knight in the future?

Could he just become a city dweller in Zhongguan City in a futile way?

The knight’s sword finally cut off the head of the last demonized warrior nimbly. This wave of attacks had ended. Qian Xiu felt a slight tremble in his palm. His mood was a little complicated… Entering the game was not as good as he had imagined.

‘War Song Gudazi’: “Whoo! That was a close call! Qian Xiu, what happened to you just now?”

Qian Xiu: “Is there a connection issue?”

‘Green Sukumizu’: “I was just saying. Since you weren’t moving, so you must have disconnected.”

Qian Xiu hesitated for a moment, and subconsciously said, “Just now… thank you.”

‘African ~ Did Not Eat Dog Food Yesterday’: “We’re a team, no need to be so polite. Besides, if you die, it will be more troublesome and a waste of time.”

‘Green Sukumizu’: “Stop wasting time. Our ranking has been exceeded! With our current progress, we will try to see if we can make the top twenty team rankings!”

At this time, white light flew across the sky. At the same time, a huge demon beast in the sky fell directly to the ground.

Everyone looked up and saw that the brightly lighted thing was a pure white unicorn flying. On the unicorn, a female archer could be vaguely seen.

‘Green Sukumizu’: “Fuck! It’s her! ‘Thousand Delicate Feathers ‘! The forum exploded just now, saying that she got the SSR’s Flying Unicorn! I didn’t expect it to be true! This lunatic, how much did she pay?! Except for the gun turret on the city wall, the flying monsters can now be defeated by players!”

‘Tease **** Quickly’: “I feel that she is looking for something… Isn’t she hovering?”

Qian Xiu silently looked at the heroic female archer on the white unicorn, and suddenly lowered his head and said, “Let’s continue killing monsters, don’t waste time.”

“That’s true… Qian Xiu, I’m taunting and luring monsters in, can you help me? This way, Sukum

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