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Volume 9 – Chapter 79: I Simply Slapped Them

Although Mo Xiaofei was optimistic about the truth of reincarnation, he remained silent for a while after listening to it. He continued to work hard on superpower training.

But Long Xiruo was still a little worried that the child was trying to calm himself, so she couldn’t help but ask, “Xiaofei, after knowing about the genuine soul, don’t you have any questions?”

Mo Xiaofei took a pause, “Teacher, what should I ask?”

“…” Long Xiruo frowned slightly and said calmly, “For example, don’t you care about your relatives? Are your parents real or fake?”

Mo Xiaofei was silent for a while and then shook his head, “I’m concerned about it. But, no matter what, they are still my parents for the rest of my life. Isn’t that the reality, teacher?”

Long Xiruo nodded.

Mo Xiaofei smiled cheerfully at this time, “My father taught me about self-improvement. Although he has a physical defect, he still hasn’t given up on life. My mother has never abandoned my father and protected our family. In this case, what is the difference between the genuine soul and pseudo-soul? I don’t understand the things behind the reincarnations. I know that my father and mother are still my parents in this lifetime. They provide me love and care. That’s enough for me. I don’t plan to overthink about it.”

Long Xiruo stared at Mo Xiaofei for a while, then nodded, “This is the end of today’s training. Time is almost up. Let’s go back.”

The time was indeed almost up. Mo Xiaofei didn’t comment further, so he followed Long Xiruo to leave the underground training ground. It was just that Mo Xiaofei flew up, as for Long Xiruo…

Damn Gui Qianyi, why do you dig so deep in the underground?Of course, she had to slowly climb up the staircase made of iron chain to reach the surface.

“Um, teacher, should I carry you up?”

“Go away!” Long Xiruo suddenly roared.

Mo Xiaofei was startled. He lost control of his ascending speed and slammed into the iron door at the exit. Fortunately, he had learned how to set up an air barrier around his body. He didn’t break his head, but his slam on the door created a loud bang.

“He’s still too young…” Long Xiruo sighed.

But at this moment, Long Xiruo heard a yelling sound from above. Then, there was a roaring sound!

When she climbed up with difficulty, Mo Xiaofei appeared anxious. There were two macho men in pain laid on the floor.

The two macho men stared at Mo Xiaofei with a surprised and irritated gaze at this moment.

“Teacher…” Mo Xiaofei said hurriedly at this time, “I didn’t mean it. These two pounced at me as soon as I came up. I didn’t have a chance to think, so I simply slapped them. I don’t mean to hurt them.”

In Mo Xiaofei’s words, these two macho men wanted to die already. They were the warriors carefully selected among the Greedy Wolf Clan. They had the blood of the greater demon beast, and yet…

A simple slap?

He is just a human wi

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