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Chapter 714 Volume 9 – Chapter 89: Interweave

It was the roar of a beast.

With a loud throttle of the modified black motorcycle, it ran straight down from the steep staircase!

The bumpy posture was like a fierce tiger dashing with rage!

It was intimidating.

Dazhe, hiding in the silent night, had Zhan Lu transformed into a key and gently hung around his neck. At the same time, he tidied up his scarf and said softly, “This is what a man should do, Zhu Maolin. Not bad!”

Dazhe changed his posture from standing to sitting. He uncapped a bottle of green tea leisurely and drank it by himself with a smile on his face.

At this moment, a rider screamed, “Who!”

The black modified motorcycle suddenly braked at this moment. The inertia caused the rear part of the motorbike to be directly lifted to the air. The rider of the black modified motorcycle made a sharp turn and threw the rear part of the motorcycle on the opponent’s body. The opponent was knocked directly to the ground!

“Damn it!” The opposing party scolded and rushed frantically toward him without saying a word.

The man on the black motorcycle pulled out a huge silver wrench from the back, dashing out fiercely like a knight riding on a horse in ancient times.

The wrench was long and hard. It was the ultimate weapon substantial to deal fatal damage!


He was waving a long wrench on his hand as he yelled.

Hou Chen Yuhan was surprised, heard the familiar voice, and said in surprise, “Darling!”

“Come up the bike!”

At this time, Zhu Maolin threw the wrench on his hand directly, slamming on the shoulder of another rider who wanted to pounce on him. The pain was unspeakable.

At the same time, he twisted the throttle again. The black motorcycle started again and dashed towards Hou Chen Yuhan. He grasped Hou Chen Yuhan’s palm with one hand, lifted her, and put her behind him, “Hold me tight! ”

Hou Chen Yuhan didn’t bother overthinking. She didn’t know why Zhu Maolin was here. She just felt safe at the moment. She gritted her teeth and nodded. She then hugged Zhu Maolin’s back with all her strength.

With the high-speed rotating tires and a large amount of dust due to the ground friction, Zhu Maolin ignored these riders and rushed out!

“Chase them! Keep chasing!”

The riders who fell on the ground gritted their teeth and stood up reluctantly at this time. They quickly lifted the motorcycle that fell on the ground, stepped on it slowly, and chased out like a ferocious hyena chasing a lion!

“Darling, I…”

“Later.” Zhu Maolin didn’t turn his head back but responded in a gentle voice, “Hold me tighter.”

Hou Chen Yuhan nodded lightly. Her hands holding Zhu Maolin tightened subconsciously.

Zhu Maolin looked at the rear-view mirror of the motorcycle. The three motorcycles behind were chasing after him, frantically approaching. Looking at the way these guys cruise with motorcycles, they are not ordinary riders.

Zhu Maolin narrowed his eyes. So what, who could catch up to him?

His palm appeared to be directly on the motorcycle steering handle, even with the glove as a barrier. Zhu Maolin’s body bent a little lower with his chest almost touching the motorcycle’s fuel storage.

Against the gusting wind, the black motorcycle slanted hard toward the left, almost approaching the ground. It turned directly in the shortest distance. Hou Chen Yuhan subconsciously closed her eyes out of thrills with her heart palpitating.

Damn, who is this guy!

Even if they were chasing after them relentlessly, they were barely keeping up with the distance getting further and further. As a motorcyclist, this was no less than the most thorough humiliation.

In this speed competition, being thrown continuously away by the opponent was something that no rider in the world wanted to see.

They couldn’t help but twist the accelerator frantically with their eyes turning bloodshot. The person riding the

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