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Chapter 746 Volume 9 – Chapter 109: Admiration (Part 1)

Strictly speaking, Black Soul Messenger was a salesperson, but with different personalities. The degree of freedom was relatively high. Therefore, if another Black Soul Messenger encountered this situation, the resolution method would probably differ.

But as the club’s maid, then there was only one way to deal with it.

As the club’s maid, her responsibility included serving the master and maintaining the safety and dignity of the master. It was equivalent to instinct too. You Ye figured it out too. What an abnormal behavior for Eric to allow his subordinate to provoke the club.

Will Eric have such poor control over his subordinate? Can this guy who has devoured countless nightmares and knows the evil of people’s hearts fail to calculate his subordinate’s mind?

Probably not.

What is his plan? Are there any other purposes hidden behind it?

But why does it matter?

A hundred years ago, some people overestimating themselves thought that they could wipe out the club by mobilizing all the power they possessed. However, in reality, the previous club owner nurtured them for a better harvest. Many Black Soul Messengers died in battle. It appeared like a significant loss for the club. Sadly, those dead Black Soul Messengers were just cannon fodder. It was just a kind of “performance indicator” held by the previous generations, alternative recycling means for the many Black Soul Messengers.

The current club owner would probably not use the same operation method or even embark on a path different from the previous generations. However, there were many more possibilities too.

But why would it matter?

There was only one thing You Ye knew. Her master was being offended. Even if it was merely verbal, saying such a thing meant there was such an intent.

It did not matter if it was just probing or if it was malicious. It had nothing to do with the situation.

The black flame formed a long and narrow sword in You Ye’s hand. The so-called battle stance was completed in an instant.

‘Amaterasu Omikami’ only took one of the stone steps. Indeed, she just raised her leg and took a step up. By then, she was still charging her attack. Probably by giving her an extra second or even half a second, she could unleash the technique she mustered.

In reality, the story did not go on in this manner. The cross-shaper sword which the Black Flame manifested had directly pierced Amaterasu Omikami’s shoulder.

Amaterasu Omikami’s eyes widened. Her illusion shattered in an instant. She could not maintain the appearance of ‘Amaterasu,’ and she had restored her true face. It was a girl in a kimono, Miki.

The black flame’s power that burst in Miki’s body was like a volcanic eruption. It even gave her the illusion that she would be burned into crisp in an instant.

However, there was more than one sword!

Once her left shoulder was pierced, her right shoulder was also pierced at the same time. A black light flashed, which immediately collapsed her throat! The three different attacks seemed to be in no sequence, seemingly taking place at the same time. On the other hand, Miki only mustered a move.

Strictly speaking, Miki was not an actual entity. She was born from nightmares and lived by devouring nightmares. She had a lot of similarities to Eric. However, not to mention the terrifying wounds on the left and right shoulders, Miki could not even make any sound when her throat collapsed.

What was erased was not her speaking ability. Her origin ability related to communicating had long gone.

The girl in the kimono fell to her knees on the stairs with unprecedented horror.

The black flame cast by the maid was retrieved. She glanced at Miki blankly, “Speak no evil. Please pay attention to what is coming out of your mouth next time. If it happens once again, I will erase you from the root.”

The maid looked forward again and said cal

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