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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 878 - Volume 9 – Chapter 125: The Loners’ Temporary Alliance (Part 1)

Chapter 878 - Volume 9 – Chapter 125: The Loners’ Temporary Alliance (Part 1)

Chapter 878 Volume 9 – Chapter 125: The Loners’ Temporary Alliance (Part 1)

After sending the white ball of light back to where it should have been, the Yan Wuyue World suddenly became turbulent!

The source was the scattered petals of the cherry blossom tree.

Countless petals were floating in the wind, like a massive rain of cherry blossoms in the entire Yan Wuyue world.

The petals fell to the ground and turned into seeds. At this moment, one giant tree after another rose suddenly among the city-states in the Yan Wuyue world. A large number of active tree roots emerged from the ground, swallowing one individual after another.

Feeling that the whole world was in a panic, Dazhe suddenly opened his eyes and tore off the key he was wearing.

A massive tree root suddenly appeared at this moment.

The key turned into a golden sword, cutting off the tree root directly. Dazhe snorted, and the broken roots sneaked back into the ground slowly, disappearing.

“Boss?” Dazhe frowned but looked at Luo Qiu.

Boss Luo shook his head. The maid looked at Dazhe and said, “Don’t mind it. Have you forgotten what Eric said when signing the contract?”

Dazhe was stunned. Looking back, what Eric promised was one-third of the Yan Wuyue World’s genuine soul, but because he did not get this Yan Wuyue world, he used an old suitcase as collateral.

Since this old suitcase was only used as collateral, it meant that there was only one way if Eric wanted to get it back. He had to pay the initially agreed price, one-third of the genuine soul in the Yan Wuyue World!

“This guy is forcibly plundering the soul of the Yan Wuyue World?” Dazhe couldn’t help but be shocked.

“This is the real world-class nightmare.” You Ye nodded, “It depends on whether Eric can succeed under Izanami’s anger.”

At this time, the boss made another silent gesture and looked towards the enormous cherry blossom tree.

Looking pale, Eric wiped off the blood dripping from the corner of his mouth with his fingers. He glanced at the crimson red on his fingers and ignored the heavy damage he had suffered. From the time Izanami exposed his identity, he knew that his plan had failed.

The number of genuine souls worth one-third of the world, exchanged for the club making a shot for once. It was just that in the two choices of Izanagi and Izanami, he chose the wrong Izanagi, which led to Izanami’s counterattack.

One mistake caused his whole plan to fail.

But if he chose Izanami, then this one-third of the genuine souls seemed extremely cheap. The club might be making a loss. But even so, the club would still take action due to the spirit of the contract.

Just because he got to choose between the two, one would be easy, and the other would be difficult. Hence, the situation offered a relatively cheap price. Eric couldn’t help but smile bitterly. If he investigated Izanami, he would not lose in the end. Even if the number of genuine souls he go

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