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Chapter 539: Just Like The First Encounter

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It was approximately midnight now.

It was pretty dark in the corridor of the hospital. This place was quiet as it was raining slightly. A young man was walking upstairs after smoking in the tea room.

But he stopped later as he saw—a nurse with long beautiful legs was going upstairs, too. She was wearing white and thin stockings.

She might not know that she was being peeped on by someone right now. She heading to patrol the floor at a worried pace.

“Oh, not bad.” The young man smiled secretly and then went into the ward upstairs as fast as he could.

His teacher was living in this ward. His name was Master Huang—The young man was scared to death when he received the call from the hospital. Luckily, the patient survived the perils of life.

But he was still wondering as his teacher had paid attention to health all the time. Why would he spit out blood and sink into a coma suddenly?

“Teacher, you finally woke up at last!”

Old Huang woke up during the time he went out for a cigarette. His teacher stayed silent while sitting on the bed.

“You scared me!” The young man walked close to the bed and said to Old Huang, “How did you fall unconsciousness all at once?”

“Chen Er.” Old Huang said to him, “You go to cancel all my appointments this year. I won’t attend any courses any more.”

The young man…Chen Er was shocked and he said subconsciously, “Master, these customers are all well-known big shots. It’s not appropriate for us to cancel the appointments…”

The Old Huang sighed and looked at his students. He seemed absent-minded, “I can not remember the reason why I sank into unconsciousness. I was going to give a fortune-telling today… I should have done it, or did I not finish the fortune-telling? I can not remember anyhow.”

“Teacher, have you… hurt your head by accident? I heard that brain concussions will lead to a temporary amnesia.”

The Old Huang shook his head while sighing, “some excellent peers in fortune-telling disclosed the secret… we are going to pay for it someday. We can predict the fortunes of others, but we can’t do it to ourselves. My head is fine. I probably have leaked something that I shouldn’t have revealed… the ancestors blessed me this time so that I could survive.”

“Teacher, you will live to a ripe old age, don’t scare yourself and me.”

“Chen Er.” Old Huang told the young man, “I need to return to Mountain Wudang these days. You stay here and manage the ‘Heaven’s Soul’ for me. If any regular customers come, you need to be polite and remember to tell them I am not available.”

“Mountain Wudang?” Chen Er was stunned… he knew that his teacher had been in Mountain Wudang for a short period, but he had not been there before.

But he could figure out from Old Huang’s words that Old Huang learned all the skills from this Taoist holy land.

“Teacher, Shall I go there with

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