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Volume 9 – Chapter 45: Settle Scores at an Opportune Moment

Early in the morning, Lord Jin collected some sunrise dew from the flowers and plants outside the villa. He melted a piece of cinnabar and wrote a lot of talisman charm again. He then put it on the inside and outside of the pot, where the malicious spirit was sealed. After completing all of the precautions, he then hands the pot over to Dazhe.

“Remember, the talisman charm on this pot must not be removed. Otherwise, both of us will be in mortal danger,” Lord Jin’s face was ashen, and looked weak.

Dazhe held it with both hands carefully.

“When it is placed in Sister Lin’s house, it must be well hidden and placed in a position where it can reach the first sunrise every day. Finally, it must be placed precisely in the east direction.” Lord Jin reminded Dazhe again.

“Don’t worry. I will do it well.” Dazhe nodded.

“There is also this scripture. Take it and read it to Sister Lin. Then, ask her to memorize it, and read it every morning and evening.” Lord Jin gave Dazhe another booklet. “Sister Lin is the mother of this malicious spirit. As long as she can recite it sincerely every day, it will have a better effect than putting it here.”

“Lord Jin, I, Dazhe owed you!”

Lord Jin shook his head and said, “Dazhe, even if you don’t mention it, I have also planned to send the pot to Sister Lin. But, since you have already said it first, then do as you say… They say parental love can’t be underestimated. Society’s way is inferior to a true human relationship. After I have managed to recover my strength for a few days, I will then make some talisman water to send it over for it to be used on wiping the pot every day to speed up the purification process…As to how to make Sister Lin recite every day, you think of a way yourself.”

“But, Lord Jin, no matter what…”

Lord Jin shook his head and waved his hand, “Okay, don’t talk about it… I’m tired, and I want to rest. Big Head, please drive Dazhe over to Sister Lin’s house. After dealing with this matter all night, I am afraid that my old bone will fall apart.”

Lord Jin was beating his lumbar vertebrae, coughing, and slowly walking upstairs with his hands on the handrail as support.

Big Head’s beloved car, Passat, left the villa shortly after.

Lord Jin sat on the armchair in his room alone, slowly shaking the armchair, as if he was not yet asleep.

He suddenly sighed, “Injustice…”

The old man could not help but think of the past that happened two decades ago…At that time, in order to fight for my territory, many things that are against my conscience were committed. Wars that happened between gangs always resulted in heavy casualties and injuries among gang members.

The reservoir that was built there naturally became the most convenient and the best place to throw corpses… But, Lord Jin did not intend to tell these things… to anyone.

He did not care whether the other old people would disclose this matter. At least, he planned to carry this secret with him to his graves.

He habitually counted his Buddha beads, but only to find that the Buddha beads had been smashed. Lord Jin slowly closed his eyes.

“Master Yang Taizi, you said I don’t have the predestined affinity to the immortals. It seems to be true…”

Everything seemed to be just believing in one’s lies.

In the car, Dazhe was silently holding on to the pot that was sealed. Big Head planned to liven up the atmosphere but did not know what to say. So, he said, “Brother Zhe, since it is rare for us to solve such a big problem, why don’t both of us go for a barbecue at night? It will be on me! We both haven’t had a drink together for a long time!”

“Big Head, please stop at the front. I’ll buy some mung bean cakes. It is Sister Lin’s favorite,” said Dazhe all of a sudden.

Big Head sighed and silently parked the car on the roadside. Dazhe wrapped the pot in his hand with his jacket. Since leaving Lo

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