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Chapter 716 Volume 9 – Chapter 91: Gift (Part 1)

Although Christmas Eve and Christmas were foreign elements, in today’s era when Eastern and Western cultures were prevalent, most young people in the East regard this Western holiday the same as a traditional holiday.

Of course, there were a lot of dates taking place here and there!

The major hotels had already been fully booked. The tickets for the major theaters had also been sold out. Christmas Eve had not yet arrived. Most of the young generation had no intention of working, staring at the wall clock hung on the wall. Coupled with the fact that tomorrow was a weekend holiday, it would be a great relief for the entire week’s work pressure accumulated.

“Don’t dream! Even if Christmas is here, you can’t change the nature of you being a single dog [1]! Work overtime!”

In the newspaper where Subeditor Ren worked, the boss stood in front of the office with his hands on his hips, yelling at a group of employees not in the mood to work.

As a spectator, Li Zi had no pressure on the accusation of single dogs. She was doing all she could to finish eating potato chips of a new flavor. However, the Subeditor Ren next to her was worried at this time, sighing. She was like the damsel in distress, as if locked in a big house looking at the scattered autumn leaves.

In an instant, Li Zi had seemingly seen a lord’s concubine in kimono being worried during the Meiji Restoration a hundred years ago.

“Sister Ren, what’s the matter with you?”

“I’m going to die.” Ren Ziling lay on the table. The appearance of the defeated dog was completely irreversible; she was utterly defeated. She looked at Li Zi desperately, “This month’s performance is not good. I still have three manuscripts not completed yet, and a particular column of a publication too. Tonight, I need to finish up the copywriting for an official account…”

“But Sister Ren, isn’t working overtime a part of your daily life?”

The sound of potato chips cracking in Li Zi’s mouth was like the sound of Ren Ziling’s glass-made heart shattering. She opened her eyelids feebly, “Luo Qiu asked me out tonight, saying it’s a rare holiday. I even shove away You Ye, but this damn overtime work…”

Li Zi blinked, “Aren’t I still by your side?”

“I’m not lesbian. No thanks.”

“Potato chips?” Li Zi still blinked, feeling a little bit upset. She still took out a piece of potato chips and fed her.

Ren Ziling also opened her mouth and chewed it.

Li Zi chuckled and said, “Time to work!”

“Let me…” Ren Ziling said sternly, “Let me set myself free again.”

Obviously, she was already a terminal patient of lazy cancer and had given up treatment early.

Zixing’s clothes were a bit peculiar, like a kind of minority ethnic’s clothing. Hence, going out in this way would inevitably attract a lot of strange gazes. Taking this into consideration, Windchaser suggested a change of clothes.

It was just that the clothes he could find so far were only those he wore – as for buying new clothes…

Sorry, the human world does not hire child labor for the time being. He could not get any job. He basically hunted for a living – his three meals every single day. Otherwise, Windchaser, who often ate at Cheese’s house, could only find a few dimes after searching for the whole “house.”

Of course, there was another way for demon beasts to get money quickly – that was to condense the demon beast power beads and exchange them for cash in the Elysium Bar.

Although Elysium Bar had this kind of business, demon beast power was the root for demon beasts. Naturally, not many demon beasts were willing to use this kind of service. Consumption in the bar was already taxing. Exchanging the beads for the money in the human world was merely idiotic.

“I’m sorry. I can only find these for the time being…” Windchaser stammered at Zixing, who was already wearing his clothes, “But don’t worry. I wash it very clean

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