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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 645 - Volume 9 – Chapter 40: Underworld’s Muddy Situation (Part 2)
Volume 9 – Chapter 40: Underworld’s Muddy Situation (Part 2)

“Aiya! My Brother Dazhe.” Sang Kun said with a grieved expression. “What do you mean by setting a trap? I don’t like what you are saying. I, Sang Kun, mingle around well, and all the brothers know what manner of person I am. How can I do such a thing? What nonsense did you hear?”

“Sang Kun, if you continue like this, I can only find a few elders to reason with you.”

“It’s just a small thing.” Sang Kun shrugged and said. “Dazhe, are you going to inconvenience those retired elders? No way, right? Besides, you have already washed your hands and stopped involving in such matters. It’s not worth it to get yourself all dirty. Can’t you live your little life quietly?”

“Just one question. Are you dead set on this sum of money?” Dazhe narrowed his eyes.

“My brother Dazhe.” Sang Kun rolled his eyes. “This small business of mine, if the money can’t be recovered, how can I explain to the others? Besides, on the gambling table, everyone is willing to lose some money. No one owes anyone, isn’t it?Oh! It will be nice if everyone wins money from me. When they lose, they pat their buttocks and leave. What is there for me? What do the brothers who follow me eat? Dazhe, is there such a thing as free lunch?”

“Here is fifty thousand. You take it first.” Dazhe did not say much. “Xiao Hu’s account will be settled between you and me, but listen carefully. If you disturb his family again, don’t blame me for being rough!”

“Brother Zhe, isn’t fifty thousand too little? Your good brother owes me a total of five hundred thousand for the principal and interest.”

“Sang Kun, take it if you think it’s alright. Don’t make everyone unhappy,” said Dazhe calmly. “Twenty thousand, I will give you twenty thousand. Then, this matter has never happened. You should know that Xiao Hu is also our family. You are setting a trap towards your own family, okay? Think about it. If the quarrel escalates and troubles those old uncles, don’t blame me.”

“Um…Okay! Okay! Okay, Okay!” Sang Kun casually pushed it aside. “I’ll treat it as giving a personal favor to you. Dazhe. In three days. In three days, you let Xiao Hu take the remaining fifteen thousand and come to me. He needs to pour tea and apologize to me. I assume that nothing has happened.”

“Not three days, but one week.”

“No problem.” Sang Kun smiled and said. “I am but an underling of Brother Dazhe before. Whatever you say, no problem! I will give you ten days, alright?”


“Brother Kun, do we let this guy go like this?”

Sang Kun stared at the stunned underling and patted his head with one hand, “Otherwise, what can we do? Start a fight with him here? Are you going to fight? Don’t you know who Wei Dazhe is? When he was fourteen, he took a watermelon knife and brawl from East Door Bridge to West Door Bridge. One person alone against over a dozen others. Can you go against that?”

“But this…But hasn’t he stopped?

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