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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 645 - Volume 9 – Chapter 40: Underworld’s Muddy Situation (Part 2)
? Do we need to be afraid of him?”

“Just treat it as giving him face.” Sang Kun said with a smile, shaking his legs. “Those retired old guys still like Wei Dazhe. He owes me a favor now, and I may use it in the future.”

“But, I heard that this Xiao Hu seems to have abducted a rich man’s son and is ready to collect money.” The underling shook his head. “Wei Dazhe came here just now and bargained with you for thirty thousand yuan less. Isn’t this cheating you?”

“Is there such a thing?” Sang Kun’s face fell. “Are you sure this news is true?”

“Yes! I have a buddy who saw it. He said that he saw Xiao Hu’s car. Xiao Hu kidnapped the child who just got out of school. Then, he found out that the child’s father is a rich man who made a lot of money in the clothes business!”

“This is interesting.” Sang Kun sneered. “This Wei Dazhe, always talking about morality in what we do. Don’t do this. Don’t do that. He presents himself like a good person…Yeah, right! As if he did not do any shady business in private!”

“Isn’t that so? This man is hypocritical!”

“Hmm… Has this rich guy reported the crime?” Sang Kun asked after thinking for a while.

The underling said, “Probably not. We haven’t heard any news of kidnapping cases in the police station.”

Sang Kun slapped the underling hard on the head, “Good for nothing! Useless thing! You only tell me such an important thing now!”

“That’s because I thought that bastard, Xiao Hu is going to make money for Brother Kun! Anyway, it doesn’t matter how he gets the money, as long as he can get the money,” said the underling aggrievedly. “But, who would know that when Wei Dazhe came up, he just cut off thirty thousand? Boss, I feel it is not worth it for you!”

“Okay, this way.” Sang Kun’s heart was moved. “You find some new faces, and keep watch on this rich guy. If anything happens, tell me immediately!”

“Boss, what is this for?”

“What for? Think with your pig head!” Sang Kun sneered. “I want the ransom money, but they will be taking the blame! I want Wei Dazhe’s twenty thousand yuan, and I also want his indebtedness!”

“Hey! When the time comes, we make a huge profit with minimal effort!”

“Pay attention. Don’t let people find out. Remember to use new faces!”

“Okay, I’m going now!”

Account balance: 5421, 19.

After leaving the nightclub where Sang Kun was, Dazhe checked his bank account at a nearby bank ATM machine, took a look at the balance, and withdrew it silently.

The phone rang now.

“Ah Long?” Dazhe asked as soon as he was connected. “Have you sent the person back? Sang Kun, I’ve settled with him. In the next ten days, we need to collect only fifteen thousand yuan.”

“Brother Zhe, it’s not good! Xiao Hu changed his mind! He turned around and took the child away when we were not paying attention! We can’t find him now! We can’t get through to him through the phone!”

Dazhe opened his eyes at once.

“Did I wake you up?”


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