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Volume 9 – Chapter 65: Encounter (Part 1)


*Metal Clanging Noise.*

Yama Blade swung to the second wolf warrior. The wolf warrior had no time to care about his comrade’s tragic death. Due to years of training and the instinct to survive, he managed to launch his claws and block the approaching Yama Blade behind him. Certainly, his quality as a greater demon beast played a big role in it.

The wolf warrior thought he would be able to escape the attack and was secretly glad. Unexpectedly, fear crept upon his heart, as if something was whispering from the abyss in his heart… a demonic underworld.

It was a language that the wolf warrior couldn’t understand. The wolf warrior just knew that when this whisper came; its entire body became abnormally stiff… Fear crept upon the back of his spine.

In just an instant, the wolf warrior suffered the same fate with Lang Sha… He blocked the first attack with his might, but failed to block the opponent’s second attack that was relentless.

The second wolf warrior felt aggrieved; blood splattered on the spot… Seeing this scene, their young master uttered a deep cry. He beat his chest heavily with his clothes fluttering. The power of Yin Greedy Wolf gathered rapidly.

Yin Greedy Wolf, the only Greedy Wolf Clan’s priest. It existed exclusively to serve the Greedy Wolf Star… Seeing such a tragic death of the warrior in the clan, this young master had a sense of grief in his heart, “Big Dipper Reverse Seven Star… may the Greedy Wolf descends!”

Nero, who was rushing towards the third wolf warrior, instantly retreated a few meters. Although she was no longer suppressed by the peculiar forces around her, it did not mean that these peculiar forces had disappeared… In a short period of time, the young master frantically improved his physical ability.

It wasn’t that Yin Greedy Wolf’s power disappeared, but her resistance to it was greatly improved in an instant… But at this time, the weird oppressive force was clearly gone.

Yama Blade’s whispers also sounded in Nero’s ears. It was a warning. “Young master? Then, I should kill him first.”

Nero directly gave up the third wolf warrior that was readily available to be killed. She instead stormed directly towards the Greedy Wolf Clan’s young master… But the opponent, at this moment, had his hands down. His eyes were staring at the floor as though his soul had left the body.

The young master seemed to have fallen asleep, but Yama Blade’s whispering became more and more rushing… The Wolf Clan’s young master at this time appeared dangerous!

Yama Blade stabbed directly towards the forehead of Wolf Clan’s young master. Only then the Wolf Clan’s young master made a move. He did not avoid nor block the attack, but caught the weapon in his hand!

Wolf Clan’s young master moved his palm silently like that. When Yama Blade was about to stab his forehead, he held it directly on the Yama Blade’s sharp edge.

He held it firmly… Nero even had the feeling that saber had been inserted into a block of iron. She twisted the saber handle of the Yama Blade immediately. With the rotation of the blade scratching the young master’s palm, she managed to free her weapon.

Nero only noticed it at this time. Each of the young master’s cheeks had a purple imprint like tears. The imprints exuded a bad feeling.

This feeling was the same as the confrontation to Kuck’s ultimate move back then. Although it was far less than she was too scared in the club, she had not felt this way since inheriting Yama Blade.

“Oh… it seems like a technique to increase your strength.” Although her tone was relaxed, Nero’s whole body was stiff. She sprung out immediately.

“This is the real power of Greedy Wolf Star. Although it’s borrowed… it’s enough to deal with you.” The young master’s voice dropped by slowly.

This was similar to the “Divine Possession” taoism technique amo

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