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Chapter 725 Volume 9 – Chapter 98: Coexistence… Is It Possible?

From the words of the samurai and monks who chased him down, Windchaser had some knowledge of this weird place. What piqued him was that some memories of the dog demon beast body’s original master would occasionally emerge.

As a semi-demon beast, he was not only excluded by his kins, but the humans were also hostile to him. He had been wandering outside without any friends, who gradually developed a loner character.

“This Inuyasha…” Windchaser muttered to himself, looking at the snow-white hair that he had never owned, “It’s similar to me.”

Windchaser felt that the reason he became what he was now might be because of this similar experience.

After hearing from these samurai that this place was near Mountain Famen, some of the information received while watching the movie became apparent at the same time.

It was just that when Windchaser was watching the movie, he almost always paid attention to Zixing. He didn’t pay much attention to what the movie was showing. He vaguely remembered that Unripe Rice Village seemed to be a place at the beginning of the movie. Unlike Mo Xiaofei, who had read the plot from the Internet first, he naturally knew nothing about the movie content.

“Inuyasha seems to be planning to go to Unripe Rice Village?” Windchaser lay on the branch of an ancient tree, with his legs folded and his head resting on his hands. He looked at the blue sky and the white clouds, slowly emptying his thoughts.

He found that in this state, more Inuyasha’s memories would emerge.

After thinking about it, Windchaser took out a book from his arms. He opened it up and looked at the content. There were a bunch of words on it that he couldn’t understand. Afterward, he directly let the book cover his face and drifted into sleep.

“Wait! I need to find Zixing!” Windchaser jumped off the old tree and then stuffed the book into his clothes.

He didn’t know the origin of this book; it was with him when he took over Inuyasha’s body. It should be something important or something. It wouldn’t be an extra weight in any way.

Since I even took note of Unripe Rice Village, even if I didn’t pay much attention, Zixing probably took note of the name too. Anyway, it’s nearby. I might as well go and take a look.

He was not bothered with his current appearance as a semi-demon beast. In the city of the original world, having a demon beast turning into a human appearance was common on the street.

There was a tea shack along the path. Windchaser noticed the fragrance of food. He immediately recalled that he had not eaten for a long time. Hunger struck him. Windchaser hurried forward and looked at the fat owner’s wife, “Is there anything to eat?”

While teaching the group of warriors and monks who chased him a lesson, he also gained some money from them. He remembered that Zixing disliked him stealing stuff, so he paid generously.

Unexpectedly, whe

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