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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 725 - Volume 9 – Chapter 98: Coexistence… Is It Possible?
en the fat owner’s wife saw the guy with white hair and bare feet suddenly jumped out in front of her, her body stiffened. She screamed in horror, “Demon beast!”


“Don’t eat me… don’t eat me…”

Windchaser noticed that the owner’s wife and the customers at the tea shack were now hiding in horror, each holding their heads and cowering in the corners. Windchaser stretched out his hand, trying to say something. In the end, he just sighed.

He shook his head as if he didn’t see the panic of these humans. He sat on the bench in front of the tea shack with a grin, reaching out to the stack of Dangos in different colors on the cabinet and ate them.

While eating, Windchaser couldn’t help but think of something interesting. When he was young, he pulled many pranks by showing his demon beast features in front of humans. At that time, quite a few humans yelled.

At that time, he just felt funny and had a revengeful pleasure. Later, after he settled down in the city where the True Dragon of Divine Land garrisoned, he stopped it. After all, Master Long prohibited it.

It appeared that his previous world didn’t know the existence of demon beasts anymore. It was unlike this movie world with demon beasts’ legends and even deities’ stories permeated in the society. Windchaser even heard of deities descending to the world.

The demon beast was able to wander around.

Windchaser said to himself, “If one day… We can also walk on the street openly without disguising, doing the same things with humans, going to the amusement park, watching movies together, eating dinner, stop disguising our identity, go to school, and go to work together. What will it be like?”

After eating a plate of Dangos, he was a bit full. Windchaser shook his head mockingly.I’m afraid that even True Dragon of Divine Land can’t do those things, let alone a little demon beast like me.

He stood up like this, then put down some coins on the bench. He threw his gaze at the humans who were still curled up in horror. He felt that his ideas were unrealistic.

After all, not everyone was like Brother Xiaofei.Even if he knows I’m a demon beast, he tries his best to save me…

“I put the money here. I promised others not to dine and dash. Besides, I don’t eat humans! Owner’s wife, your food tastes good!”

After a long time, the customers in the tea shack came out nervously. The white-haired demon beast in the red robe had long gone.

The owner’s wife looked at the bag of coins placed on the bench and picked it up in disbelief, “The demon beast that doesn’t eat people. He even paid for the meals. Is there such a demon beast?”

But thinking of the demon beast’s legend, cases of demon beast eating humans appeared everywhere. The owner’s wife was still startled.Could there be such a demon beast?

If that’s the case, is it still a demon beast?

The owner’s wife broke into a cold sweat. He felt that the money in the bag was ominous. For fear of bein

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