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Chapter 873 Volume 9 – Chapter 122: In This Male-dominated Society (Part 2)

In just one move. I can only resist one move. All these years of training are for nothing?

“No!” Saburo Nagato picked up his katana again and committed a desperate attack!

Two moves. Saburo Nagato lasted only two moves in Nagato Munechika’s hand this time. However, it was not something to be happy about. His katana had been swept away to the ground. At the same time, there was a trace of bright red blood on his wrist.

Saburo Nagato covered his wound painfully and looked at his brother in horror. Katana that was not sharpened [1] yet was so sharp!

“You learned the secret secretly.” Nagato Munechika snorted coldly.

“I didn’t!”

Nagato Munechika sneered and said, “I teach Shinji every day. Do you think I don’t know that you’re hiding from the side? Saburo, if you are not my brother, I will cut off your palm so that you will never be able to wield a katana again in your life for the fact that you secretly learn the profound art without permission!

“Brother, I…” Saburo Nagato knelt on the ground in horror. “Brother, I am more suitable than Shinji to learn the secret sword art of the Nagato family! Please make me a real samurai!”

“Send Haru Narukami to me.”


Nagato Munechika put down the katana and said calmly, “Send your wife to me. I can teach you the secrets and help you to join the battlefield and make you a samurai.”

“Nagato Munechika! How dare you!”

“Don’t forget what you learned secretly.”

Nagato Munechika left indifferently, “Only tonight.”

After the beginning of the spring, Saburo Nagato led ten people to the battlefield to join the army under the congratulations of the villagers without expression.

In the same year, Chizuko Nagato was born.

In a few years, Saburo Nagato only came back a few times before leaving in a hurry.

Chizuko Nagato was six years old, Haru Narukami passed away. Saburo Nagato returned to Nagato’s home alone to recover from his injuries.

“Sure enough, you’re just a coward.” Nagato Munechika seemed to know everything. “From now on, you will stay here like a bereaved dog. You are a deserter. You have no place to go.”


Saburo Nagato in front of Zixing and Mo Xiaofei was as though in a dream. He looked at Haru Narukami in the cell, confessing little by little what he had done.

“Death is horrible.” He turned pale, recalling the events on the battlefield, “Some people have intestines hanging on my body; some people’s heads flew towards me. I was buried in the corpse until night. It seems that there are countless resentful spirits by my side. I can’t feel the temperature at all. After returning to Nagato’s house, I couldn’t even pick up the katana once. Never even once.”

“I dare not face you even more.” Saburo Nagato said painfully, “Haru. I traded you for something from my brother but failed to make contributions on the battlefield. In the end, I had to escape back to this place. Maybe I should die. But I don’t even dare to die.”

The voice was not loud. In this quiet dungeon, it was enough for Zixing and Mo Xiaofei, hiding nearby, to hear it. Haru Narukami was imprisoned here on the excuse that she died out of illness. The reason was that she went crazy and spoke about the deal between Saburo Nagato and Nagato Munechika one day.

Everyone might have known the secrets for a long time, but everyone didn’t say it openly. The family members knew everything inside their hearts, but they couldn’t tolerate such straightforwardness.

“My brother said he won’t kill you, but he won’t let you see anyone again. I don’t even dare to resist it.” Saburo Nagato closed his eyes, “Once, even in a dream, I want to have the courage.Ah!!!“

Saburo Nagato roared.

“I’m not a coward. Nagato Munechika!”

He took a deep look at Haru Narukami, “Haru! I will bring Nagato Munechika’s head to see you!”

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