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Volume 9 – Chapter 3: Feeling Alive

Dim, orange-red horizon.

The stone bridge leads to the door of the BOSS room; stalactites resembling the sharp teeth of wild beasts; the roar of monsters reverberates constantly; many corpses are on the ground.

The music sounds around the ears that would make people nervous, and… The densely packed options and interface-like things that appeared around him.

Lan Xiu couldn’t feel any pain. It was like a blink of an eye, and the world became like this. Here, he was at the place in the game.

It was the time he finished the dungeon after the team disbanded.

It took Lan Xiu a while before getting accustomed to his current vision… Qianxiu became familiar with the options and buttons that appeared next to him.

“So that’s it, I can minimalize it or turn it on with my mind… Turn off the music.”

Qianxiu began to check everything on his body; nothing was different. The only difference was that he had real vision and sense of touch here, and even the state of his body was apparent.

Also, he searched all the options, but could not find a place to log out.

No… it’s not life-like, but it’s real!

The armor would make a clanging sound in any movement of his. He could feel the weight of the equipment pressed against the skin, and even the contact between the sole and the ground.

Qianxiu looked at the road he had walked behind him with some confusion. A whole stretch of a stone bridge; it seemed very short in the game, but it felt like he had already walked on it for a long time.

It’s such a long journey.

“How long… haven’t I walked such a long journey?” Qianxiu stared at the stone bridge in a daze. After a long, long time, he recovered slightly.

But at this moment, he suddenly felt a sharp pain appearing behind him! This feeling of being hit by a giant hammer directly made Qianxiu subconsciously let out a scream!

He fell to the ground, and the armor on his body knocking him was very uncomfortable! Qianxiu looked at the orange-red light around him, horrified!

Monster! The elite monsters are wandering in the dungeon! It was a towering Minotaur holding a stone bat! Its eyes were widely opened with saliva drooling out of its mouth. It approached slowly step by step!

The Minotaur is towering! It was half a person taller than Qianxiu!

“I’ve conquered this dungeon. Why are there monsters?!” Qianxiu gritted his teeth, stood up, felt the pain of being attacked just now, and suddenly said, “I understand. I have truly become the ‘dwellers’ in the Emerald Fantasy!”

Qianxiu gritted his teeth, still pulling out the sword he had temporarily strengthened before entering the dungeon, and hurriedly activated the corresponding skills.

He saw a faint flash of light suddenly burst out of his body, a feeling of a continuous flow of power, which made Qianxiu shocked!

“This feeling…”

He shouted, waved the sword on his hand, released his skills, and rushed towards the minotaur frantically! He had successfully killed the BOSS in the room through his profound maneuver, so he wasn’t concerned about the elite monsters outside.

Even if the maneuver were utterly different from sitting in front of the computer, the action when the skill was released had not changed!

It just switched to the first-person point-of-view… like virtual reality!

But this is the real world!

When the Minotaur’s chest was badly mutilated with blood gushing out, it finally fell to the ground feebly with a soft thump of hitting the ground. Qianxiu sighed softly. Qianxiu felt the warmth of blood splashing on his face, and he smiled subconsciously when he heard the prompt of the game’s system.

“This kind of feeling… this is what I call the feeling of excitement…” Qianxiu fiercely inserted the sword into the Minotaur’s heart and said grimly, “This is the feeling of… being alive!”

As a popular online fantasy RPG game, just like the merchant’s function

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