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Volume 9 – Chapter 27: Go and Change Your Job to Become a Magician

Where Wang Yuechuan and Professor Cui Fo rushed to was an old bookstore. It was a place where books were sold downstairs, and upstairs was where the owner resided.

Professor Cui Fo was on the edge of his seat and couldn’t wait to walk into the bookstore right away. It seemed that the old bookstore with the mark of age in it had increased the hormones in the old professor indefinitely.

Or rather, if things like ancient classics could be found somewhere… It seemed very convincing if they were from such an old shop.

“Excuse me, anyone?”

Wang Yuechuan opened the door and walked into the bookstore before Professor Cui Fo. It was almost ten o’clock at night. The bookstore was closed, but it was not locked. A faint light glimmered from inside.

Rows of bookshelves in front of him were filled with various books. The smell of books and the smell of humid air mixed. Wang Yuechuan saw a woman in her forties or fifties taking a nap on the counter on the left.

Wang Yuechuan glanced at Professor Cui Fo, then tapped twice on the counter. He woke up the middle-aged woman in an instant.

She was a little startled and looked at the two people in front of her.

“Don’t be afraid. We are not bad guys. Are you the owner’s wife here?” Wang Yuechuan said bluntly, “We are here to find a book.”

Wang Yuechuan took out a note as he said, “Look at what’s written on this, is this the place…is this person here?”

“Oh, you mean that book.” The owner’s wife realized, “So you are the guys looking for the book?”

“Madam, do you…know this book?” Wang Yuechuan asked sternly.

The owner’s wife said casually, “I don’t know. This is what my son told me. He said that he saw someone post something about looking for this book on the old book website.”

Wang Yuechuan quickly said, “Then your son is now…”

The owner’s wife said, “He has gone sourcing. Otherwise, I won’t have opened the door now. Oh, I remember it. He had found the book. Just a moment.”

Soon, the owner’s wife took out a dilapidated hardcover book from the cabinet behind her, “Is this the book you are looking for?”

Professor Cui Fo directly grabbed it and then flipped through the book quickly with an anxious expression. He remained silent, all the while accelerating the speed of his action.

Wang Yuechuan frowned, “Is this the one?”

Professor Cui Fo said, “Yes, this is it! The professor who wrote the book was a famous linguist in the eighteenth century. However, because of the war, many of his literary works have been lost. Even this book, it should be the printed version many years ago. The amount of printing should be just a little! I have the impression that there should be a first edition copy hidden in the British Library. I have never thought that we could find the printed version in China! Wang, your country is magical!”

Wang Yuechuan and Professor Cui Fo communicated with English. The owner’s wife couldn’t understand what they were talking about. She kept looking at them.

Wang Yuechuan asked quickly at this moment, “So, is this book useful for your interpretation work?”

Professor Cui Fo was overjoyed, “Yes! Of course, it is! With it, I can probably speed up my interpretation at least three times! No, at least five times!”

Wang Yuechuan nodded, and then looked at the owner’s wife, “Madam, this is the book we need. We’ll have it. Name your price.”

“Then, three thousand?” The owner’s wife said suddenly.

Wang Yuechuan nodded without saying a word and took out the bank card. But the owner’s wife suddenly noted at this time, “Oh! I got it wrong. My son didn’t say this number. He said five thousand… five thousand yuan!”

Wang Yuechuan frowned but didn’t stop his movements. He said indifferently, “Think about it. It’s five thousand, five thousand it is. Madam, have you decided?”

The owner’s wife swallowed her saliva, subconsciously, “I have d

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