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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 694 - Volume 9 – Chapter 77: You May Be A Dummy (Part 1)
Volume 9 – Chapter 77: You May Be A Dummy (Part 1)

To Wang Yuechuan’s surprise, they drove out all the way. In the end, Professor Trevor led him to a mountain top in the suburbs.

On the road, they saw a few brick houses dedicated to farmers. This place was considered rural.

In the end, the two got out of the car and climbed onto the mountain top on foot. As a police officer, Wang Yuechuan’s physical fitness was quite good, but Professor Trevor was not that well off. After a while, he was panting and full of sweat. Wang Yuechuan was concerned whether the professor could make it.

Besides, Professor Trevor kept looking around and frowned when he was traveling… Wang Yuechuan believed that this old professor came to this place for the first time, so he was not familiar with it.

“Professor, what are you looking for?” asked Wang Yuechuan calmly.

“Graveyard.” Without looking back, Professor Trevor said, “To be precise, it should be called a mass grave. I noticed this place when I saw some local residents chatting online. It should be in this direction; let’s hurry up.”

Wang Yuechuan didn’t say much. The professor translated the “Book of the Dead.” Although he had doubts, he did not have a tenable viewpoint. It was more about the possibility of finding someone else to translate besides Professor Trevor.

Wang Yuechuan believed that besides Professor Trevor, someone could translate it, but it would not be easy to find. Most importantly, the lesser the people knew about “Book of the Dead,” the better it would be.

“We’re here!” Professor Trevor stopped suddenly, smiled, and said, “Wang, if we use your Eastern synonyms, Heaven will not disappoint the person who tries!”

“Really?” Wang Yuechuan nodded, “What should I do next? You seem to have mentioned a certain ritual before we head out?”

Professor Trevor mentioned a specific ritual before going out. The ritual would accelerate their grasp on magic while improving their magic power at the same time. However, the conditions were harsh.

Professor Trevor nodded at this moment and looked around. This was a part of the mountainside with concave terrain. The surrounding area was already shaded and humid. In the exposed soil, some urns used to bury the deceased could also be seen.

“As mentioned in “Book of the Dead,” the composition of our magic power is mainly physical strength, will, spirit and so on.” At this time, Professor Trevor put down the backpack he was carrying on his back and took out the items he prepared beforehand. He looked at Wang Yuechuan, “This is why you can master magic and use magic faster than me. You are younger than me.”

Wang Yuechuan said calmly, “I knew this a long time ago. Then, what does it have to do with this mass grave?”

Professor Trevor added, “I don’t know who wrote “Book of the Dead.” Although there are many meanings in translation and some differences in modern word formation, it can still be inferred. For example, will and spirit. It seems to be the same thing to modern folks, but “Book of the Dead” is different. Physical strength is easy to explain, so why are the will and the spirit separated? I interpret it this way. The will is our thought, and the so-called spirit refers to mental power. It’s a unique energy that can be expressed in numerical values.”

Wang Yuechuan frowned and said, “You mean, this place may have this special energy… mental power?”

Professor Trevor nodded and said, “You’re right. It was mentioned in “Book of the Dead” that all life has a soul. The difference is only the intensity, but the birth and destruction of the soul are the same processes. If the body as the carrier is dead, then the soul will disappear in most cases. However, the soul will always die slower than the body. If some souls are emotionally strong enough prior to death, they can easily transform into some sort of energy body after death. This kind of energy body should be called a ghost, or the predeces

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