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Chapter 742 Volume 9 – Chapter 107: The Man’s World (Part 1)

There were a total of fifteen well-equipped warriors. Besides that, another two samurai, five entourage, and one handmaid escorted the Kondo family’s Miss Tsukihime. It was more than an exaggeration to describe the current lineup. Somehow it was still inadequate!

For sure, this lineup was strong enough to deal with ordinary bandits. However, it was still lacking in the face of evil demon beasts. After all, the world was in an era that had been filled with demon beasts.

“Miss Tsukihime, we have entered the Unripe Rice Village.” A samurai from her family came to the carriage.

Zixing opened the curtains and saw farmers working diligently in the paddy field. At this moment, she looked surprised and asked, “Can you ask one of them to come over? I have something to ask.”

“Yes, miss!” The samurai nodded. He rode his horse to the side of the paddy field.

Soon after, the samurai of the family returned with a panicked but still calm middle-aged tenant farmer, “Answer Miss Tsukihime’s question!”

“Yes, my lord!” The tenant farmer did not even dare to raise his head. He bowed directly in front of the carriage.

Zixing was indifferent to the salute. As a true demon beast and the young master of the proud Greedy Wolf Clan, she was a respected existence. She had seen too many of her tribe members kneeling to her, let alone just ignorant humans.

“Where is Nagato’s house?” asked Zixing directly.

The tenant farmer said quickly, “It’s just ahead about three miles away.”

The tenant farmer said carefully, for fear of making a mistake. He didn’t understand who would go to Master Nagato. Looking at the carriage lineup, it was even more prestigious than Master Nagato’s family.

Zixing nodded quickly, waved her hand to let the samurai bring the farmer away. Then, she ordered the other samurai in front of her to lead the way to Nagato’s house.

“This is for you!”

The samurai threw a little money in front of the tenant farmer, who naturally took it with both hands with gratitude. Then, he watched the lineup slowly leave.

It was just that the tenant farmer looked at the rather heavy small purse in his hand, but he couldn’t be happy at all. He shook his head and threw the money bag into the basket. He placed it next to the paddy field, not afraid that someone would take it away quietly.

For the people of Unripe Rice Village, wealth was not as good as the security for three meals a day. After all, they could not leave the village.

In the village, one could already be self-sufficient. They had nothing to seek for.

Nagato’s house; mansion.

When the Kondo’s Tsukihime lineup stopped in front of the entrance, Master Nagato and the others were already standing there. Some of the servants even had a hint of rush. They must have greeted her unprepared.

“You are the head of the Nagato family?”

The Kondo family’s samurai took a step forwar

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