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Chapter 874 Volume 9 – Chapter 123: Soon To Be Unveiled (Part 1)

In a dangerous place with extraordinary power lost, anyone would become uneasy without the ability to fend for themselves. No matter how calm you are, you can’t feel at ease in your heart.

Almost as soon as Mo Xiaofei said that his power came back, Zixing tried to communicate with his Yin Greedy Wolf, but she ultimately failed. But her demon beast power had recovered a little bit.

She was initially seriously injured, but because of Windchaser’s rescue, she recovered some strength after recuperating for a few days. But the trace of demon beast power retrieved at this time was far from the time when she entered Yan Wuyue.

“Not fully recovered…” Mo Xiaofei shook his head quickly, “It’s about 10% at most. It’s strange.”

Zixing said, “Brother Mo since a part of the power can be restored, it means that there is a chance to recover all of it. Moreover, this also means that your power has not completely disappeared. The reason why the power is gone is probably that something suppresses it.”

Mo Xiaofei’s eyes lit up, “In other words, the power can be restored now because the things that suppressed me disappeared?”

Zixing was not sure, “It’s also possible that this thing becomes weaker.”

“Should we continue to probe Haru Narukami or leave first? Saburo Nagato’s condition is not good.” Mo Xiaofei quickly said, “Once he finds Nagato Munechika, Nagato Munechika will probably guess from Saburo Nagato’s reaction that he has been to the dungeon. Nagato Munechika might leave the dinner party. I have fought against Nagato Munechika many times. Even if I recover till this point, I am afraid I’m not his opponent.”

That’s a powerful and disgusting guy even though he is already at such an old age.

Zixing frowned at this moment, “Outside the dungeon, there seems to be movement. I felt a strange spiritual qi.”

Zixing’s senses had also become sharp because she had recovered a trace of demon beast power. Mo Xiaofei closed his eyes at this time. He used his full power to strengthen his hearing. The consciousness seemed to accelerate in an instant, and it surged to the path to head back.

He opened his eyes suddenly, “Nagato Munechika is back!”

“So fast!”

On the ground, to be precise, in the courtyard of Nagato Munechika’s residence, Nagato Munechika was looking at Saburo Nagato indifferently.

“Munechika!” Saburo Nagato let out a low and suppressed growl, staring at his brother firmly.

“Saburo, didn’t I tell you that you are not allowed to approach the dungeon? It seems that you didn’t listen to me well.” Nagato Munechika shook his head, “You disappointed me. If it weren’t for the subordinates to tell me quietly that they failed to find you, I would never leave the banquet with excuses. Did you know that this was a banquet in the presence of Miss Tsukihime of the Kondo family? They could serve well for the Nagato family.”

“You have always been watching me?” Saburo Nagato’s eyes were almost breathing fire.

The rising anger and years of suppressed hatred made him unable to tell whether he was in a dream or reality.

Nagato Munechika said calmly, “I think you are also of the Nagato family’s bloodline, so even if you become a deserter, I forgive you. But you are too disobedient. Since you are disobedient, then you shall perish.”

A weird smile appeared on his face. This smile put chills on Saburo Nagato at a glance!

This was not the smile that a normal person would have!

At the same time, Saburo Nagato even saw some strange white slender beards appear on Nagato Munechika’s cheeks. At the same time, there seemed to be something wagging behind Nagato Munechika…like a tail!

“Munechika…you…what the hell are you!?”

“Oh?” Nagato Munechika reached out and touched his cheek, then looked at the moon in the sky, and then calmly said, “It’s almost a full moon. I’m getting drunk tonight. It seems I can’t co

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