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Volume 8 – Chapter 19: Restricted Area

Miss Tyrant carried a painting tube as she walked around San Er’s house. After putting down some things, she quietly went away. She smiled as if she was a poor kid who had just successfully stolen a watermelon from another person’s home.

San Er turned on a kerosene lamp in the living room on the first floor of the tofu shop. She held a kitchen knife with both hands as she watched the seconds hand in the clock on the wall move. Her eyes blinked as she was already sleepy.

Suddenly she heard the knock on the door… After being shocked, she realized that it was Mark who came back, so San Er slightly relaxed.

“Drink a glass of water first.” San Er handed Mark a cup of warm water, and she also took a sip.

She was tense for most of the night, so she did not drink any water herself.

“There shouldn’t be anyone nearby. You can take a good rest after this.”

San Er sat down anxiously, still worried, “I… what should I do? Should I go to the police station tomorrow?!”

It seemed to be instinctual. Kuck had been avoiding dealing with such institutions. He said indifferently, “You don’t know who is against you. It is not necessarily useful to report this kind of matter to the police.”

“Then… what can I do?”

“You go and rest first, I will be guarding in the middle of the night. If someone comes again, I will catch them this time. When tomorrow comes, the enemy will not dare to be blatant, so there is at least one more day to inquire in the town,” said Kuck as he thought.

San Er nodded her head. The distracted San Er subconsciously listened to the words of this powerful man at this time; he was really very powerful. When he first dealt with the four people and used the pole, he no longer looked like an ordinary person.

San Er quietly went to Xiaozhi’s room, sitting on the bed and leaning against the wall. She planned to sleep here tonight.

Kuck was used to sitting quietly, but at this time it was at the small courtyard behind the tofu shop. Although it was an open-air space and it was still at night, the coldness seemed to have no effect on him.

He sat cross-legged on the ground, still holding the pole.

He closed his eyes, motionless, like a statue.

After who knows how long, Kuck’s eyelids twitched slightly. He gently opened his eyes and frowned.

He suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

It was late at night, very late.

But the cold water flowed all the way from the cheek to the collarbone along the skin, paused for a while, then continued to flow down the chest, and then the lower abdomen… The flowing cold water made San Er produce a low hum.

She was as hot as fire and had been having trouble sleeping. She was so uncomfortable that she had unknowingly released sticky sweat in this weather… This was the restlessness of the body.

San Er was too familiar with this kind of restlessness.

Most of the time, she chose to take a cold ba

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