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Volume 9 – Chapter 28: Dazhe

Luo Qiu’s hometown was not a place that could be reached directly by plane. When he was still very young, he followed his parents back to his hometown to worship his ancestors. He could only return to his hometown after transferring from the airport to the large bus and then another transfer to the town’s minibus.

But, the high-speed rail was now in place. However, the minibusses between the towns were still there.

They took off early in the morning. After they got off the bus, it was already four o’clock in the afternoon. Although if they bought the tickets that would take them from the club straight to the arrival point, they would spare them from being travel-worn, Boss Luo still returned to his hometown through the usual way.

The person who picked up Luo Qiu from the intercity bus station was his cousin. Luo Qiu did not remember this cousin because his cousin lived apart from the family and rarely walked around the town. He remembered that his cousin was born three years before him and his name was Luo Zheng.

His uncle also had an elder daughter. From what he remembered, she should be almost thirty-five years old.

“Oh, speaking of which, both of us haven’t met each other for years! I remember that the last time I met you was three years… four years ago, right? You didn’t reach my shoulders at that time. Now, you have grown a lot taller. You are in college, right?”

Luo Zheng was a capable and experienced young man who had started a mini wholesale business by himself. – This time, the minivan he drove to pick up Luo Qiu was the tool that he usually used to transport goods.

He was quite enthusiastic, probably because he was also a young person.

“A lot has changed here.” Luo Qiu looked at the road outside. Luo Zheng’s driving speed was comparable to Ren Ziling’s, and the wind that came in contained the stench of mud and fertilizer.

“The country expanded the development here.” Luo Zheng smiled. This was a smile that indicated satisfaction with his current life.

He was also one of the beneficiaries of the development of this country.

“By the way, do you want something to eat? I have some spicy sticks. Want some?” Luo Zheng showed his big yellow teeth at this moment, becoming more enthusiastic.

“I just got off the car. I would prefer not eating anything for the time being.” Luo Qiu shook his head.

Luo Zheng was taken aback for a moment, and then said, “Luo Qiu, are you getting motion sickness? Shall we take a break first? There is a snack counter in front of us. I will get you a bottle of water. Wait for me!”

Having said that, Luo Zheng hurriedly stopped the minivan, ran into the snack counter on the side of the road. After a while, he brought back a box of mineral water.

Luo Qiu opened the door of the minivan.

“Wait, there are three more boxes.”

“You bought so many at once?” asked Luo Qiu curiously.

Luo Zheng smiled and said, “Well, it’s on di

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